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Video: Blake Baggett’s ranch

Video: Blake Baggett’s ranch
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Blake Baggett was on fire at Colorado getting his first 450 win and beating Eli Tomac straight up to do it, as well as coming from a first turn crash to third in race one!

Baggett will be looking to continue the momentum this weekend at High point and says his compound and the people around him have helped him elevate his game on the 450.

He was also pretty outspoken on the current trainer fad in motocross saying to Steve Matthes on his PulpMX show: “To be honest there are a lot trainers out there. There a lot of trainers that have never raced or won championships racing a motorcycle, and there are a lot of trainers that take people that are already winning and get the credit for them still winning…the trainer thing, it’s all just air, we all breath it, it doesn’t matter, if you want to win you are going to win.”

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