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Video: Ben Watson crash

Video: Ben Watson crash
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Ben Watson suffered a big but strange crash in race two in Loket but was fortunately uninjured!

Watson hit a sharp rut that tried to highside him at the bottom of the hill, but he didn’t actually fall until the jump at the top!

Recalling the crash Watson said: “I touched something in a rut at the takeoff of the finish jump. I slipped away and had no other option than letting the bike go. It was a big crash. I’m really lucky to escape without an injury. Unfortunately, my bike was completely bend. Otherwise, I would have continued. This is my first real disappointment of the season. It’s frustrating, but I have to accept it. That’s also part of motocross. Now I have two weeks time to work towards the next Grand Prix in Lommel.”

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It was an up and down day for the rest of the team too with Jago Geerts solid but Anthony Rodriguez forced to withdraw through injury.

Geerts commented: “The qualifying race on Saturday was great with that second place. But overnight rain changed the track a lot. The circuit was more difficult with a lot of ruts. I couldn’t really find my rhythm. I took two good starts, that is something positive to remember. But I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning of both motos. Anyway, two times 9th on a track I’ve never been before: that’s still okay. I’m already looking forward to Lommel, one of my favourite tracks and close to home.”

While A-Rod commented: “Bad luck, again. Somebody crashed in front of me, his bike flipped over and hit my right hand. I immediately felt that something was wrong. I had a deep cut in two fingers and needed stitches. I tried to race in free practice on Sunday, but couldn’t hold my handlebars and had to withdraw from both motos. It was sad, disappointing and frustrating to watch the race from the sideline. My hand now needs four or five days to heal. I will be ready for the next GP in Lommel.”

Team boss Marnicq Bervoets summed up the weekend in the Yamaha press released by saying: Jago second and Ben fourth in the qualifying race: that was very promising. Unfortunately, they couldn’t deliver the same results on Sunday. This turned out to be our most difficult Grand Prix of the season so far, with Rodriguez gets injured and Watson crash out. For sure, this is a disappointment, but it’s not the end of the world. We were very solid and regular until this Grand Prix. We just need to get that momentum back for the Grand Prix in Lommel, in two weeks time.”

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