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UKAX: Night one at Belfast!

UKAX: Night one at Belfast!
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Thomas Ramette and Cedric Soubeyras started round four of the series with a bang as they managed to win both the heats they competed in. Josh Hansen was also looking good as he finished both his heats in second place to comfortably qualify for the main event.

Hansen then went onto win the head-to-head from Adam Chatfield so he gained an additional four points for the championship which could prove to be crucial. Cedric Soubeyras actually won his head-to-head with Adam Chatfield but got disqualified for a T-bone on the Brit.

When the gate dropped for the main event it was Hansen who took the hole shot from Ramette. Hansen was riding well and looks like he has got to grips with Arenacross. However, Ramette was keeping him very honest and never let the American get away. Disaster struck for Hansen when he collided with a tuff-block on the track. This allowed Ramette to take the win which will help him with his championship chase! Cedric Soubeyras got a horrific start and was very close to the back of the pack, he put in a remarkable performance to get back to second behind Ramette – Cedric was definitely the fastest rider on the track.

It is all shaping up nicely for action tomorrow night as Hansen will be more motivated than ever to gain points on his rivals. Thomas Ramette and Cedric Soubeyras won’t be give it to him easy though – this is going to be an exciting championship right until the end!

Heat one

1. Thomas Ramette
2.  Josh Hansen
3.  Adam Chatfield
4.  Angelo Pellegrini
5.  Collin Jurin

Heat two

1. Cedric Soubeyras
2. Fabian Izoird
3. Florent Richier
4. Harri Kullas
5. Jordan Booker

Heat three

1. Thomas Ramette
2. Fabian Izoird
3. Adam Chatfield
4. Jack Brunell
5. Collin Jurin

Heat four

  1. Cedric Soubeyras
  2. Josh Hansen
  3. Florent Richier
  4. Angelo Pellegrini
  5. Matt Bayliss

Main Event

  1. Thomas Ramette
  2. Cedric Soubeyras
  3. Fabien Izoird
  4. Angelo Pellegrini
  5. Cyrille Coulon
  6. Adam Chatfield
  7. Matt Bayliss
  8. Josh Hansen
  9. Collin Jurin
  10. Florent Richier

Article: Andy McKinstry

Pic by: e22sports/Elliot Spencer

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