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Tracks in Italy closed due to Coronavirus

Tracks in Italy closed due to Coronavirus
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A lot of Motocross tracks in Northern Italy have decided to close due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. The tracks that have decided to close are Chieve, Crotta, Cremona, Bellinzago, Dorno and Ottobiano to name a few.

Some MXGP riders are currently in Italy to practice and the likes of Coldenhoff and Prado can still ride the tracks. “Here in Italy, all the tracks are closed and all restaurants closed because of the virus – except the ones we go to. VIP we are (laughs)”, Ryan Hughes stated on social media.

The fourth round of MXGP heads to Arco di Trento in Italy on the 5th and 6th of April which isn’t too far away, it remains to be seen if the event will be affected by Corona Virus as well.


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