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The five best things from the MXGP of Lommel!

The five best things from the MXGP of Lommel!
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Herlings V Cairoli: The second MXGP moto was simply breath-taking to watch. Everyone got what they wanted to see with the two best sand riders in the world going at it. The first 10-15 minutes, it was a game of cat and mouse but then Herlings put the hammer down. Cairoli to his credit give everything he could but just couldn’t stay with Herlings who was sublime. The pace the pair were running made some very very good riders look average which takes some doing considering the depth in the MXGP class. Hopefully we see many more battles like this during the rest of the year, Assen particularly could produce some great racing.

Jorge Prado: What a talent the young Spaniard is. He has already won a round of the MX2 World Championship this year as he won in Trentino but he was back on the top step of the podium this weekend. You really shouldn’t be surprised either, remember Prado battling Herlings at Assen last year at just his second MX2 World Championship race? In the second moto at Lommel he was very impressive, he had a big lead and could have got flustered knowing he was about the win the GP but he stayed cool, calm and collected to bring home another GP victory. You would think that next year he will win even more because with another winter behind him he will be even stronger.

The track: It was decided that they would run the track in the opposite direction from usual this year and I think it was a great decision. Sometimes change can be good and it added another challenge for the riders this year. It will be interesting if they keep the track the same for 2018 or if they revert to it’s usual direction.

The crowd and the atmosphere: That’s probably the biggest crowd that has turned up to Lommel since the Motocross Des Nations. The crowd that turned up on Saturday was worthy of a race day crowd at a World Championship. A lot of fans turned up for the Herlings V Cairoli showdown and they didn’t leave disappointed. The atmosphere was electric all weekend long which was great to see.

The EMX125 racing: It was great seeing the 14-16 year olds in action in the EMX125 series. There’s a lot of talent in that class and it was fun watching them around the brutal sand track of Lommel. You can tell why MXGP has so many tough guys in the class as they are used to riding tough tracks whilst they’re still in school, the format is perfect for brining through the talent of tomorrow.

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