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The end for the Leirop motocross track?

The end for the Leirop motocross track?
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It looks like the curtain is falling on one of the greatest motocross tracks in the world, the legendary sandpit of Leirop.

The news came on a Dutch website and it certainly makes for sad reading.

The circuit looks likely to be closing from the 1st of June after residents took a case to the courts complaining about having motocross events there, no compromise could be reached and now a historic track in the motocross world looks like it will be no more.

Shaun Simpson will always treasure his memories there after winning his first GP there in 2013 as shown in the highlights video attached, as will Jeffrey Herlings, who simply blew people’s minds with his speed on the whooped out sand.

The king of MX Stefan Everts also had some brilliant races there too, including winning the 2004 MXON at the famous venue as you can see below.

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