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Talking Point: Will Roczen win again?

Talking Point: Will Roczen win again?
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Jonathan McCready:  It is the question everyone has for 2018. Will Ken Roczen be able to re-capture his best form and win races and championships again after his horrendous arm injury?

At this point we can only speculate, but the fact Roczen is by all accounts, flying at the test track as if nothing as happened, is a fantastic achievement in itself. But going from the practice track to the intensity of racing week-in and week-out is another thing.

Roczen might just be one of the most self-confident and positive riders in the history of the sport and that will be a big plus, so I think winning races is not out of the question but can he sustain a title challenge over an 17 race supercross season and not re-injure the arm in a crash?

Adrenaline alone might get Roczen by in the first few rounds along with his high level of natural talent, the test might just be mid-season after a crash or two when it starts to get difficult with week after week of riding in the arm.

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I am not sure I see Roczen winning the title in his first year back, although it would be a magnificently inspiring story, but I won’t be surprised to see the 94 on the top step of the podium again at the end of a main event!

Andy McKinstry: Ken Roczen will make a return to racing at A1 after a serious arm injury, the fact he is making a return to racing so early is a great achievement in itself. The question is will he win again?

I certainly think he will win plenty of races throughout the rest of his career, he just needs to get back racing and he will see where he’s at. In terms of talent, he has it all so hopefully he will get back to where he was before his injury. He may need to adapt a new riding style due to his horrific injury, it will all just take time to fall into place.

Will he win another championship again? It’s certainly not out of the question, winning a title even when 100% fit is never easy but if anyone can come back from such a big injury and win a title again then Ken Roczen can! 2018 will all be a building process for the German to try and get back to where he was pre injury. If he does that then he will be battling for race win’s and potentially championships but it won’t be easy.

As the sport is evolving a big part of the sport these days is just staying fit as many fast riders fail to do so. Hopefully Ken Roczen can stay fit throughout the entire season as it would be a huge shame if he was to get injured again as that would be another big setback for his career.

I am looking forward to see Ken Roczen back at the races, hopefully he will be right at the front battling with the likes of Musquin and Tomac on a regular basis!


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