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Talking point: Dungey v Tomac

Talking point: Dungey v Tomac
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Two rounds, three points. That’s all that separates championship leader Eli Tomac and defending champion Ryan Dungey as they enter the final stages of the 2017 supercross battle.

Tomac has the momentum and race-winning speed and says he will race hard but fair against his rival Dungey in the final two rounds. “We are going to race each other pretty respectfully but we are going to race each other hard but nothing that is going to be out of control or really dirty.” said Tomac. “We’ve got two to go and we will do what we can do.”

Dungey on the other had has to wrestle the momentum from Tomac. Dungey has only won two races all season and was powerless to hold the rampaging Tomac back last weekend despite Tomac’s terrible start. But he knows his goal for the next two races and it’s simple. “Just win.” states Dungey on what it will take to win his third title in a row. “These two races are obviously important. I want to focus on executing.”

But Dungey admits Tomac has increased the intensity with his performances. “It’s come to the point where the whole 20 minutes you have to lay it all out there and go intense, we can’t afford not too. We will try to fix a few things, execute and try to put ourselves in a position to win and fight like hell. Eli is riding really good, he’s strong and physically fit, so we need to be there.”

Dungey says the whoops cost him the time last weekend in Utah. If Tomac doesn’t have that advantage this weekend, Dungey, who was pleased with his speed on the rest of the track, might be a lot closer to Tomac’s speed.

But can Dungey, the ultimate consistent rider, find a way to up his intensity and ride the edge to match Tomac or will he even be able to get close enough to force Tomac into a mistake?

There are two rounds left and anything can still happen. It’s all to play for between two of the nicest but most determined riders in American supercross.

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