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Suzuki excited for Argentina!

Suzuki excited for Argentina!
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Team Suzuki Press Office

There is nothing like a victory to improve team moral, so after Jeremy Seewer’s success in the mud of Indonesia at the last round of the 2017 Motocross World Championships, the whole Suzuki World MXGP team now heads on the plane to Argentina excited to build upon those efforts at what is one of the most stunningly beautiful tracks on the calendar.

“Let’s hope we can get back to a normal MXGP” said General Manager Stefan Everts. “Qatar has always been a bit of a strange GP and Indonesia has been ‘different’ with all the mud and everything. But I’m looking forward to going to Argentina, it’s a long trip but it’s a very nice track and location and I’m hopeful the guys, especially the MXGP riders, can up their level and show everyone how they can really ride on the new RM-Z450WS. Jeremy’s win is a nice early boost for everyone and we want to keep that feeling.”

Understandably, Seewer is also buoyed after his first MX2 win and overall, and he can’t wait to get down to South America: “I’m always happy to go to Argentina, the last two years I’ve had good memories there and I really love the country, it’s so calm and relaxed, a stunning location, good hotel, good food. The last two years it has felt like a holiday, but with a GP where I get a chance to ride my dirtbike. It’s just awesome. I really love it, it’s definitely one of my favourite GPs.”

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MXGP rider Arminas Jasikonis hasn’t ever been but like anyone whose seen photos or TV coverage, he can’t wait to ride the loamy soil near at the base of the Andes mountain range: “I’m really looking forward to going, the track looks really nice. I’ve never been there so it’s all new and I’m really excited to check it out. All these overseas, it’s my first chance to ride for the team and I can’t wait to get to ride on this track.”

Kevin Strijbos has been there once, but confirms what Arminas thought about the track: “It’s a good track, I was there last year for the first time, although we had some struggles, it’s a wide a track and I think we’ve got a good base with the new RM-Z450WS so I’m looking forward to the race. I think it’s going to be the first normal GP race of the year where I’m hoping to be in the top five.”

Like AJ, the two Suzuki World MX2 youngsters, Hunter Lawrence and Bas Vaessen, haven’t ever been to Argentina, but also like AJ, they are excited to see what all the fuss is about: “It looks good, I’m excited to get there. I’m not so excited for the long flight but it should be cool and they say it’s worth it when you get down there. I’m going to put Indonesia behind me and go out, brand new race, and treat it like a great day of riding at a great location on my sweet RM-Z250” commented Lawrence. Bas has once again been doing his research on the area: “I’ve seen all the GPs on TV, and it’s looks amazing there. Everybody says the crowd is insane, so many people. I’m excited to go, I’ve never been there but I’ve watched the area on National Geographic and it looks really cool. In Indonesia, the people were really friendly, which I didn’t expect, so I hope it’s the same surprise over there. In terms of racing, I just want to get out what I can, do my best; and then I believe the results will be a lot better.”

While it is an intensive effort to get the team and all the machinery down to Patagonia, all five of the Suzuki World MXGP squad are looking forward to the prospect of riding one of the best tracks of the calendar in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

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