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Stefan Everts on his health and Liam

Stefan Everts on his health and Liam
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Stefan Everts spoke to Lorenzo Resta at Ottobiano and gave an update on his health as well as Liam, who was having his first race of the season and finished fourth overall in the 125 class, going 4-6 on the day but showing good speed despite poor starts.

Everts said of Liam: ” We are doing our second season on the 125, and we have been in Italy the last weeks for training. It was on our route to come to Ottobiano and do the first international race of the season. It’s a good practice to see where we are. The first race is Matterley Basin (EMX125) and we will also combine a few EMX250 race this year so we will see how this will go, it’s for a test. The main focus is on the 125 European championship. So far it has been good, we didn’t have any injuries and the riding has been going well, we have been jumping up and down between the 125 and the 250 and it’s going well.

On his health Everts said he is still struggling: “I feel really good, it’s just my feet that are still a problem. I have a lot of pain while walking and the progress is very, very slow. I still have some wounds healing. Mentally I am feeling good but physically I am not the best, it’s just my feet that are the problem, I struggle with it every day, I still have the pain every day, it’s the life for the moment and I hope it will get better in the future.”

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