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Statement on behalf of Jordi Tixier

Statement on behalf of Jordi Tixier
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Jordi Tixier reposted this comment made by his girlfriend on the circumstances of his incident with one of the medical staff in Thailand.
 The reigning world champion was banned from competing this weekend at Argentina and also had to pay a fine.

“In order to put an end to this, I will attempt to clarify events.

Jordi took part in the first race in Thailand. It was 45 degrees celsius with 80% humidity at the time. He fell three times. For the sake of the competition, he gave his all and he was unwell on his motorbike before the end of the race.

Upon crossing the finish line, Jordi collapsed, completely disoriented and dehydrated. He was taken to the sick bay with the other ill pilots. Jordi was in a secondary state during approximately 20 minutes. It is common knowledge, that during an extreme physical effort, the human body is completely exhausted having used up all its energy and the brain “overheats” involving inexplicable nervous reactions (a.k.a. malignant hyperthermia).

It is within this context that Jordi in a struggle untowardly struck a stretcher bearer. This action was inexplicable and Jordi does not remember any part of it. Back in France, several distinguished French doctors confirmed that this type of reactions can happen in these circumstances. The climatic conditions were the same for all the pilots, but individual metabolism react differently. The FIM took an immediate decision as you already know. Jordi’s gesture was involuntary and he would have never hit a doctor for having prevented him from running in the 2nd race! Everybody who knows Jordi acknowledge that he has never been a violent person.

Jordi has been personally affected by the sanction, and also towards his Team Kawasaki Monster Energy.
I do not to wish to defend his action, but simply to clarify the circumstances of this action.
I would like to “congratulate” several journalists (except PH) having supposedly echoed Jordi’s words, yet Jordi has never given an interview since his return from Thailand. All these statements are false, and Jordi will be back in Italy.

I would like to thank everybody who has backed Jordi over these last few weeks and reiterated their faith in him.”

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