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Spanish Championship RD2: Justs and Butron win!

Spanish Championship RD2: Justs and Butron win!
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MX2 GP rider, Roberts Justs rode the second round of the Spanish Championship and was able to win the overall on the day! Roberts was only able to finish second in the first moto behind Jorge Prado. Prado appears to be a fast learner as he only managed a third overall at the first round but was second overall today after going 1-2. Roberts won the second moto but was pushed all the way by the Young Spanish sensation.

Jason Meara had a terrible start in the first moto but worked is way up to tenth position by the end of the moto. In the second moto he worked himself into eighth after an early crash but only to find out that he got docked! Unfortunately it was deemed that he jumped on a yellow flag so they docked him to fourteenth position!

In MX1 it was Jose Butron who won both the moto’s to keep his unbeaten form going in the Spanish MX1 championship. Ander Valentin and Jorge Zaragoza both went 2-3 in the motos but Ander ended up second overall as he had the best second moto. It is going to take some stopping Butron as he seems to winning these motos quite comfortably.

MX2 Moto One:

  1. Jorge Prado
  2. Roberts Justs
  3. Iker Larranaga
  4. Simeo Ubach
  5. Carlos Fernandez
  6. Nil Bussot
  7. Oriol Casas
  8. Lluis Riera
  9. Borja Martin
  10. Jason Meara

MX2 Moto Two:

  1. Roberts Justs
  2. Jorge Prado
  3. Simeo Ubach
  4. Oriol Cases
  5. Iker Larranaga
  6. Carlos Fernandez
  7. Nil Bussot
  8. Joaquin Camacho
  9. Lluis Riera
  10. Roger Oliver

MX1 Moto One:

  1. Jose Butron
  2. Jorge Zaragoza
  3. Ander Valentin
  4. Nil Arcarons
  5. Jordan Lacan
  6. Joan Cros
  7. Mathias Jorgensen
  8. Alonso Sanchez
  9. Hugo Basaula
  10. Sandro Peixe

MX1 Moto Two:

  1. Jose Butron
  2. Ander Valentin
  3. Jorge Zaragoza
  4. Nil Arcarons
  5. Sergio Castro
  6. Mathias Jorgensen
  7. Hugo Basaula
  8. Tomas Kihlman
  9. Alonso Sanchez
  10. Sandro Peixe

Article: Andy McKinstry

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