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Spanish Championship: Fernandez and Butron win!

Spanish Championship: Fernandez and Butron win!
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Ruben Fernandez won both the moto’s convincingly at the last round of the Spanish championship. He won both the moto’s by over twenty seconds and that will give him confidence heading into the 2017 season. There was a championship on the line today between Oriol Casas and Simeo Ubach.

The Ausio Yamaha rider, Oriol Casas was able to clinch the title and he rode well by going 2-2 on the day! Jason Meara stayed sixth in the championship despite not taking part in the last round of the series, a good campaign for the Irish rider.

MX2 moto one:

  1. Ruben Fernandez
  2. Oriol Casas
  3. Carlos Fernandez
  4. Simeo Ubach
  5. Nil Bussot
  6. Jose Aparicio
  7. Jon Idiaquez
  8. Roger Olivier
  9. Lluis Riera
  10. Oriol Olivia

MX2 moto two:

  1. Ruben Fernandez
  2. Oriol Casas
  3. Nil Bussot
  4. Carlos Fernandez
  5. Francesc Mataro
  6. Jose Aparicio
  7. Lluis Riera
  8. Sergio Sanchez
  9. Angel Perales
  10. Jon Idiaquez

The first moto was a bit of surprise in the MX1 class as Ander Valentin was able to beat two GP riders in the form of Butron and Zaragoza! With Valentin still looking a ride for next year that will certainly help him. However, Butron won the second moto, winning the overall and clinching the Spanish MX1 Championship with that!

MX1 moto one:

  1. Ander Valentin
  2. Jose Butron
  3. Jorge Zaragoza
  4. Nil Arcarons
  5. Adrien Malaval
  6. Joan Cros
  7. Alonso Sanchez
  8. Sergio Castro
  9. Jonay Rodriguez
  10. Eduardo Esteban

MX1 moto two:

  1. Jose Butron
  2. Ander Valentin
  3. Nil Arcarons
  4. Alonso Sanchez
  5. Jordan Lacan
  6. Joan Cros
  7. Jorge Zaragoza
  8. Sergio Castro
  9. Adrien Malaval
  10. Jonay Rodriguez

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