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Scott Redding interview

Scott Redding interview
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There are many MotoGP riders who have a fondness for motocross. This is certainly the case for Aprilia factory rider Scott Redding. After all, the Moto2 vice world champion of 2013 started as a motocross rider, and he is now regularly found on a motocross track with his girlfriend, who is five-time WMX world champion Kiara Fontanesi!

We spoke with Scott during the TT of Assen. Scott Redding may be an Englishman, but for him the Dutch TT was also a home round as he lived in the Benelux for a long time. Redding is a through-and-through motocycling fan and during his period with the Marc VDS Racing team, he sometimes even competed for BK Supermoto on free weekends.

For next year, however, there seems to be no place for him on the MotoGP grid as Aprilia Racing have attracted the services of Italian Andrea Iannone for next year. Redding has received an offer from the brand from Noale to work for them as a test rider, but at just 25-years-old, Redding finds it too early to take that step now. Despite the difficult season, Reddingpower remains his affable self. Also his honesty is disarming, “I have not studied for anything, there are many things in everyday life that I know nothing about. Actually it was always my intention to become a professional rider. What else should I do? No idea.”

Reed with Redding

It would be a shame if we no longer see Redding in MotoGP. Not long ago he was considered one of the most promising young riders in the premier class of road racing. In addition, he wrote his own history as the youngest ever, at 15 years and 170 days to be exact, to win a 125cc GP. In total, the popular Brit has 4 GP victories, 18 podium places – including 2 in the MotoGP and 3 poles behind his name. Maybe his preliminary highlight as a motocrosser is when he started motocross early last month together with Chad Reed and Kiara Fontanesi!

As a joke Scott asked his many Instagram followers a few weeks ago what their suggestion was for him to do for next season; starting a farm, staying in MotoGP, becoming a full-time daddy, Moto2, motor mechanic, painter, World Superbike or the Italian 125cc MX Championship! Just provong that motocross is not just a side issue in the life of Scott Redding.

Scott, do you have a certain system to start a GP weekend on Friday? What do you do during the first two free practice sessions?

Scott Redding: “At the beginning of the season we had certain strategies and I tried to develop the motorcycle further. Now I leave the bike largely as it is and I only change the suspension. You think about the race on Friday and that’s why I always try to make slightly longer runs. In those longer runs you can see effect the circuit on the tires and you have to base your choice of tires. “

You are someone who is busy with motorbikes every day. How did you fall in love with motorbikes and motor sport?

Redding: “To be honest, I did not fall in love with motorcycles, I just grew up between them. It was not that I went to my father or uncle asking if I could ride a motorbike. From my fourth birthday I was just put on one! And that felt perfectly normal for me. When I was younger I enjoyed it more. When I was 15 I rode my first season in the 125cc GPs (where Redding won his home GP in Donington) and from then on it became more of a job. “

In which motorsport discipline did you take your first steps?

Redding: “I started as a motocrosser. But as a child I did not really like my sport and so after a few years I switched to minibikes. But now I like to ride motocross as training. I enjoy it too. “

Your girlfriend Kiara Fontanesi is reigning world champion Motocross. Does it help that you are both motorsporters and therefore understand each other’s career?

Redding: “Yes, you understand each other’s career but at the same time it is also difficult. Quite a few racers suffer from stress. So you can imagine what that gives if two of them live together. Especially when they both have a rotten weekend behind in their respective disciplines. On the other hand, Kiara understands better than any other girl what I have to do for my career. She understands the challenges. At the same time she is a champion who always wants to win and I want to win too! And those ambitions can put a relationship under pressure. Fortunately, we have succeeded so far in making a distinction between our work and our home situation. “

You lived in Groningen for a while, does this mean that the Dutch TT was a kind of home race for you?

Redding: “My best mate Jasper (ed. Iwema, the former Moto3 pilot) is Dutch and I have some other friends here and because everyone here speaks fluent English, I can also talk to the fans. And we have almost the same sense of humor. I feel at home here! “

What is so fun about off-road engines for you?

Redding: “The kick you get from it. I have done road racing for almost all my life, but supermoto, motocross or dirt track is very different. The movement of the engine, the drifting, the jumps … I love it. And it is good practicing on an off-road motorcycle because you can not just practice with a MotoGP bike when you want. “

Thanks for the interview Scott, good luck for the rest of the season!

Redding: “No problem.”

Interview: Tom Jacobs


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