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Savaste stays with Steels Dr Jack KTM for 2019

Savaste stays with Steels Dr Jack KTM for 2019
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Young Finn, Kim Savaste started off the 2018 season with the Pfeil Kawasaki team but then was left without a ride early in the season when both went their separate ways.

The Italian team of Steels Dr Jack KTM then picked up Savaste for the reminder of the season. He raced the rest of the Italian Championships but mainly put in the hard work to get himself to a good level.

The Steels Dr Jack KTM will keep Savaste on-board for the 2019 season where he’ll race the Italian Championship and selected MX2 World Championship races – he’s hoping to contest up to ten rounds but it will depend on the finances. Savaste will join Nicholas Lapucci under the awning who’s already been confirmed by the team.

“Last year was a bit on and off for me. Anyway it was my rookie year of doing MX2 World championship races. I did three of them. On one of those I got only one point which is disappointing but I learned something new. Even though I wasn’t at the top on those races I clearly saw what the pace is like and what I need to be working on. The starts are very important and for sure being smooth on the more difficult tracks”. Savaste reflected on the past year.

The young Finn is looking forward to the year ahead. “I am grateful for the opportunity to race for this team in 2019. We just started the training a week ago and the circumstances are much better than it’s been for a long time. I’ll be training and racing the whole season in Italy during the season. Now we also have a trainer (Yuri Matz) and two other other riders who stays at the team”.

“The season starts for me on the 27th of January at the Internationali D’Italia. Next year I’ll be racing both Italian championships and selected rounds of the world championship, depending on the financial possibilities. Anyway, I am feeling good and confident for 2019. Things are clear and I know what I have to work on these off season months”. Added Savaste.

“Thanks to everyone believing in me, my family, sponsors and the team as well as Go Pulimentare and Betonipumppaus Laatikainen”.

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