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Roger DeCoster calls on YS to adjust MXoN date to accomodate team USA!

Roger DeCoster calls on YS to adjust MXoN date to accomodate team USA!
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Team USA Manager and five-time world motocross champion, the legendary Roger DeCoster, has called for Youthstream to change the date of the Motocross of Nations so the American riders will continue to show up and, “not be handicapped by participating.”

In the Transworld motocross interview De Coster, always a straight talker, also felt it would be okay if the MXoN came before the end of the MXGP series but did admit that the level of racing in MXGP is higher than AMA motocross right now because of the importance of supercross in the USA. He also said that to him the MXoN is still the single biggest event of the year.

Make sure you read the full interview here.

The Belgian, who resides in America and is team manger for KTM USA, is known as,’the man,’ for his global accomplishments in the sport both as a rider and team manager, consequently, his words will carry a lot of weight. His comments also come on the back of the US media calling for a similar adjustment in the YS schedule to help America win again – but not their own AMA schedule.

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Team USA haven’t won the Nations since 2011 in what is their longest losing streak since they first won the event in 1981.

So are America so that important to the event for Youthstream to adjust the date to suit them? Like it or not, that is the call YS will have to make.

Make no mistake, Youthstream are under big pressure from America now, they have had media members, then riders and now the influential Roger DeCoster weighing in on dategate in the last couple of weeks. The heat is on from the American industry and Youthstream’s decision on the MXoN dates going forward will make for fascinating viewing. Do they stick or twist?

And if they do move it up, how would the rest of the teams, especially the GP stars and team managers from other countries, react to the date being adjusted (potentially in the middle of the MXGP season) to suit one country, given the date has been late September for the majority of the last 20 years?

But in America, they have their own issues, can they stop supercross overshadowing motocross which is the fundamental reason behind this dispute and the reason the AMA schedule was changed in the first place – and why is the MEC in October when the supercross series doesn’t start until January?

The off-track politics might be just as exciting as the on-track racing in the next few weeks!

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