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Rodriguez on BOS GP debut: Most difficult GP track I’ve ridden

Rodriguez on BOS GP debut: Most difficult GP track I’ve ridden
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Rodriguez H Anthony: “Man, Honestly, that’s the most difficult GP track I have ever ridden. That’s was very tough for me. I never thought it would be easy but I clearly needed more time on the bike to adjust my style to the 450KXF, to the Bos Suspension and of course to the high level of competition in the premium class”.

To us, the Venezuelan rider has been awesome all weekend long.
We knew it would be difficult but the goal was to get information, and maybe some FIM points.

We did both.

Clearly, the goal will be higher every coming races, but it’s a very good beginning for many reasons:
-no crash on this sensitive track
-no arm pump and a rider who knows how to stay in control
-one good start in qualifications (very important for the future)
-a lot of adjustment on the bike all week long

Of course, it was hard mentally for everybody:
-BOS Factory wants Anthony to take his time in order to show great potential at the end of August
-Anthony wants to be back out front as soon as possible
-The Suspension manager wants much more traction on the settings
-Anthony wants more stiffness to charge more
-The Engine tuner wants less power to stick to the track
-Anthony wants enough power to get out of the gate
But it’s the same in every team, every races : finding the perfect compromise.

Anthony doesn’t know if he has to be happy or unhappy with this P20.
We know.
« Thanks guys for the good work and your help all weekend to make me feel comfortable
The words of Anthony are important to the team, we’ll never stop pushing, like he does when the gate drops.

Now let’s bring a full week of Sand Training and suspensions testing.
Lommel won’t be easy too but we know where to work now : so thanks Loket!

Words: BOS GP

Pic: Mediacross

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