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Roczen on contrasting motos at High Point

Roczen on contrasting motos at High Point
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Ken Roczen 94 (6-1) 2nd overall 
“I’m glad we left today on a high note. I had a new setup in Florida and unfortunately with the weather, I’ve only been able to put a very short amount of time on it, and that’s what I started with here today. I struggled all morning with it. Going into the first moto, we went back to my Colorado setting, except with some clicker changes I’ve been running at home. However, that didn’t work for me at all. I wasn’t riding well and just went backwards in the first moto. For the second moto, I just went back to our full Colorado setup, and it was nice to see that we have a very solid base that I can go back to. I just knew exactly what the bike was going to do, and we had an incredible moto. I came from far behind after a bad start and came away with a moto win and second on the podium. It was pretty huge.”

Erik Kehoe
Team Manager
“Ken did a really great job salvaging the day. Consistency is going to be key throughout this whole championship, so for him to struggle in the first moto, then recover and come away with the win in the second moto was very impressive. He showed a lot of aggression in the second moto, even with the track being so tough. We’re happy to come away with second overall.”

Oscar Wirdeman
Mechanic (Ken Roczen)
Today actually ended up pretty good compared to how it started. We tried a new setting in the morning that didn’t end up working out, so Ken struggled in qualifying. You could see how tight he was in the first moto and finishing sixth is not what we want when fighting for the

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