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Roczen: I struggled all week with a flu!

Roczen: I struggled all week with a flu!
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Ken Roczen has revealed he is glad the Detroit Supercross is over after struggling all week with the flu.

Three main events probably isn’t ideal when you aren’t 100% healthy and Roczen didn’t seem to have the spark he normally does but held strong in all three motos to make fourth overall and is still in the title chase in second place just six points off leader Webb.

“My body didn’t feel up to par tonight but I tried to minimise the damage.” commented Roczen on social media.

Roczen also says he apologised to Dean Wilson in a pass that left the Scot on the deck.

Roczen commented in response to criticism for the pass: “This was a simple racing incident. We were all very close. I was on the inside, he cut down early and we collided. Nobodies fault. I am in a points battle and also don’t want to get hurt that way again. Why would I purposely put him down. On top of that I sent him an apology text that this incident even happened.”

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