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Roczen happy with performances at Millville

Roczen happy with performances at Millville
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Ken Roczen is getting closer and closer to top form as the US motocross season progresses and says further improvement with the bike, that he didn’t much testing time on before the season, is paying dividends.

Read what he and the Honda team had to say about their successful day at Millville below:

Ken Roczen 94
“I’m pretty happy with today. I think this is one of the best weekends we’ve had overall. I felt comfortable all day and had a lot of fun. I did pretty good in qualifying, got good starts, and felt like I was flying in the first moto, so I’m happy with second. Obviously in the second moto there wasn’t enough left in the tank, but we have to just keep building from here. We made another small adjustment on the bike, but nothing major.

“The team and I are still working to refine the bike because this is my first season riding it outdoors and I came into it without much testing, so I’m searching for what works best. We’ve definitely made the bike better and I think it showed today. Normally I’m 4-5 seconds behind in qualifying practice and I was pretty close today, so it was good. I’m doing what I can and am enjoying the process of returning. I feel like once we win again, it’ll just be that much sweeter.”

Erik Kehoe
Team Manager
“I think today was an even better second place than last time. Ken’s starts are on point, he led more laps, and his intensity level was higher for longer. I think he’s just getting stronger each week and starting to build on his momentum, so it was definitely a great day and progress in the right direction. The intensity level in the races is so much higher than training during the week, so right now Ken is still racing himself into race shape. He just needs to continue to get good starts and be in the hunt up front each week, and we’ll continue to see him on the podium.”

Oscar Wirdeman
Mechanic (Ken Roczen)
“I feel like we’re starting to see more and more of the old Ken Roczen coming out each weekend. He’s getting stronger, battling longer, and consistently up front, which is awesome to see. Today was a good day and Ken was happy with his bike. We made a few small clicker throughout the day, but overall he was happy so that was nice.”

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