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Roczen hails Canard’s testing skills

Roczen hails Canard’s testing skills
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Ken Roczen has talked about how Trey Canard’s role as a test rider is benefiting the factory Honda team – because Canard is still at race pace!

The former US 250 supercross and motocross champ recently retired but has been helping Honda with their set-up and Roczen says the work is paying dividends for himself and Seely.

“They did some testing this week and seem to have found something which I actually haven’t even put on the the bike yet, just because towards Thursday I wasn’t sure if we would be able to ride with the rain,” said Roczen. “I rode without them on Tuesday, so I wasn’t really ready to throw something on there on Thursday so close to the race.

“The good thing is we have Trey, Trey Canard, he is maybe better than ever, he’s really up to par when it comes to riding and speed,” explained the German on Canard’s skills. “He has been doing a lot of testing for us actually, for me and Cole, that has really been helping out a lot.”

Roczen then explained the main work he did during the week was some work on the clutch and start modes, changes that paid off at San Diego as Roczen holeshot the main. “We were just messing around with starts a little bit, I switched something up on my clutch a little bit and we were messing around with a couple of different start modes and that seemed to really help out. We got a super good start in the heat race and then in the main, I haven’t got a start like that in a long time. Putting yourself in a good position is really, really important, but suspension wise actually I haven’t been messing around with it too much.”

See Canard in action a couple of months ago below:

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