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Video: Roczen analyses A1

Video: Roczen analyses A1
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Ken Roczen gives his perspective of A1 that saw the German show good speed but go backwards late in the race with a bike he felt was set up to stiff.

“I know people don’t want to hear it it, but it’s really just improving the bike,” offered Roczen. “I went off the deep end stiffness wise but for safety reason, it was kinda one of my pet peeves, and i just wanted to go stiffer and stiffer and stiffer. I’ve noticed that when the tracks got really rough, it was too stiff, and obviously with the Anaheim main event it was beyond rough, it was almost like an outdoor track by the end… not even close to using the full stroke… it made my life a lot more difficult. The bike was riding me rather than me the bike.

“I’ve got plenty of speed to be up there. So for me the plan for me was to just go into the week and try to improve my bike so I can ride the way I want to.”

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