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Riders Talk: MXGP break and how it’ll change their plans

Riders Talk: MXGP break and how it’ll change their plans
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With the Coronavirus outbreak it’s meant lots of MXGP races have now been postponed meaning the season takes a break for the moment and won’t finish in November. We asked around the paddock to get the thoughts of the riders and how it’ll affect them.

Glenn Coldenhoff: Well, it is a very strange situation. Which no one has ever dealt with before. We organise our lives based on motocross – we set goals and make schedules. We ensure that we are fit at the right time. I am currently very fit, but suddenly everything falls under our feet. There is no more planning. It is a search for structure and rhythm. There is a lot of uncertainty about the calendar. When are we going to race again? It is a difficult situation to deal with. Also mentally, we have to be strong. I keep myself busy as much as possible. Obviously not like during the season, but I keep doing 1 training a day and as soon there is more clear about the first week, I will bring back the intensity in my training schedule. Last week we still had the opportunity to drive the motorcycle, but that seems impossible in the coming weeks. All of Europe is closed. Fortunately I have a small gym at home and I can continue cycling and running. In addition, I am already trying to make plans for when there will soon be more options training- and riding wise. I try to give more attention to social media and sponsors.
I am very aware of the situation and that we all have to deal with the consequences this virus is bringing us. Health and safety goes above anything. But we have to take in account all the parties involved in motocross, the factories, clubs, organisers but also the athletes etc. Of course we do want a season, as complete as possible, but riding till the end of November is going to be tough in many ways. How about season 2021? If the season will start again in February, there won’t be time for rest and barely time for testing. What about the rider contracts ending November 1st this year? These are all things, we need to take in account. It won’t be easy, but we all have to face the difficulties and accept the situation. Although I hope the decisions that are taken, are in good consultation with the teams and factories. We have to be patient and see how things will work out this year.

Alessandro Lupino: It’s a strange situation for everybody at the moment. The last week, my plan has changed every day but now we have a plan with my trainer and the team. We decided that this week I will not ride on the bike because of the situation and we have to be safe at the moment. I’m lucky that I have a small gym at home, I spend a lot of time there, a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the afternoon which allows me to train. At the moment we will slow down a little with the training because the next race isn’t for six weeks or should be, it’s pretty long. In the next week I hope the situation is going to be better otherwise we will have to wait another week. It’s going to be a strange season, a long season, we’ve never had the last race on the 22nd of November. We have to start for a new season which means everything has changed this year. It’s also going to be difficult to plan for the 2021 season.

Adam Sterry: My plans over the next few weeks are to keep training and trying to improve, I have a lot to learn and to get used to the 450cc so I’m going to use this time to really try to work on stuff! I don’t like the idea of the season being that long as it probably means we won’t get an off season and have to go straight into next year but I guess we will see what happens with that one.

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Petar Petrov: The situation is very bad but I mean the most important thing is people to stay safe, be healthy and yes it’s changing our program a lot but we can’t do much about it. We will
try and ride a bit when possible but for sure will take it easy for a few weeks as the season is going to be very long but anyway most of the tracks are closed at the moment so we can’t do much about it. I really hope the situation gets better ASAP and we can continue our usual life. About racing till end of November I mean I think they took the right decision and still trying to save as much as possible the season.

Jordi Tixier: Actually with the virus I try to keep training as my winter wasn’t as I expected and I will work a lot for the JT911 team to be ready as soon as we are back racing. Racing until November will not be a problem for me as my winter was bad, so let’s keep going and have some fun.

Anton Gole:  It’s a really difficult situation at the moment and it’s hard to know what to do with the training, planing and everything. But for sure my plans have changed a lot. Nobody knows for sure when we will start racing again. I have had a really good winter training and I’m really happy with the progress I have made.  So for me it’s just about to try to stay in the good shape that I am now but still be little bit careful to not do to much. For sure it will be a very different season and to extend it until November will be a new experience for everybody. But I guess we just to wait and see what will happen next.

Jago Geerts: I’m now taking it easy for a couple weeks. I’m doing a little bit of physical training and I’m not riding for the moment. The season is going to be very long so I want to be good from the restart of the season until the end and that’s why I have a small break now. It was difficult to see the season getting postponed but with the virus being so dangerous it was the right decision. It will be a long season for everyone so the goal is to be in good shape when the season restarts again.

Rene Hofer: I am at home now and in Austria we have to stay in our houses for a while. So I will take one week easy and then start with a physical training block at home. Hopefully in a few weeks the tracks will be open again and I can start riding. Of course it‘s a shame, that we won‘t be racing for a long time, but we have to except the fact, that it‘s all about the humans‘ health now. For sure everybody wants to see some more racing in 2020, so I think it‘s good to have time until November. It will make the off-season much shorter, though. It will definitely have an affect on the winter preparation. It‘s also possible that we have a lot of gp‘s in a row at the end of the season, so I have to keep working, because this could be really intense!

Jed Beaton: Obviously with the Coronasvirus outbreak it’s all pretty crazy and unclear at the moment. What we do know for sure is we won’t be racing for quite a long time, I’m going to continue to train off bike only for the next 2 weeks, as all tracks are closed for a while anyway, by that time we should know more about what’s going on/happening and plan some more after that. At the moment I think everyone is in the same situation about not really knowing what’s going on! As for the season going long it is what it is, like I said before it’s the same for everyone so it’s not really an advantage or disadvantage to anyone, but with saying that if the season ran later in the year we need to start later next year, I think it would be really crazy if we went all the way until November and then start in late February again, not just for the riders but also for the teams organizing stuff for the following year. That’s just my point of view.

Mikkel Haarup: The situation at the moment is not the best. I think most countries are under lock down which means most of the races this season will most likely be postponed or cancelled. The most important thing at the moment is that we all try to stay healthy and when the situation is a bit more controlled we can start the races again. It’s very unfortunate but that’s how it is, and we just got to deal with it the best we can. If I have to think about the championship of course I think its a shame, since I was already fit and ready to go, but again… Health is the most important so I understand.

Jeremy Sydow: I take it easy the next 2 weeks. Riding my bike is also not a option for the next weeks because almost every track is closed and if you crash the hospitals don’t really have space for you so I don’t want to risk anything. After that we will see what’s coming. probably a second “winterprep”. About the long season, I’m not sure how it will work. I just accept this challenge and will give my best.

Cyril Genot: I’m looking forward hopefully to a successful and healthy period after Covid-19. But of course, it’s a weird situation at the moment. You don’t really know what to train for or what will be your next race but you have to keep going. There’s no other choice. The couple of months that are coming right now are going to be pretty tough for sure but it’s the same for everyone. Hopefully everyone stays healthy and we’ll see what the future brings.

Stephen Rubini: After England and Holland the plan was to rest anyway from my injuries to my neck which was really painful and almost impossible to ride with. I guess for the moment everybody is home and that is the best way to kill this virus. I don’t know for how long we are going to have to wait but we have no choice, staying at home is the safest. First, to not get this virus
And second to not take any risks for injuries and adding work to hospitals. On the motocross side, races are postponed one by one and the FIM put them on the calendar one after one on every weekends until November so it’s going to be a very very long season. Unfortunately the risk of injuries are going to be higher. Anyway, staying home is the best we can do and we will have time to work again to race the World Championship.

Article: Andy McKinstry

Pic: Infront/MXGP

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