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Richard Sikyna working with Max Nagl

Richard Sikyna working with Max Nagl
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MX2 World Championship rider, Richard Sikyna has been working with experienced MXGP rider, Max Nagl since the end of last season. Nagl is still racing himself but has also decided to train riders, he started off working with Jonathan Bengtsson last year and this year is working with Kevin Brumann and Richard Sikya.

“At the end of last season me and my team were looking for a trainer. We contacted Max because he has so a lot experience and he is a great person and I believe he can help me a lot so we met with him and talked about training together. Max and I agreed about conditions so I’m really happy about that”, Sikyna told 

Sikyna says he’s really enjoying working with Nagl and he’s doing things totally different from the past and that should only help the JD Gunnex KTM rider improve.

“We work together from winter, the trainings with him are so good and I’m enjoying that. We have fun and I like his training program, it’s completely different training than I was doing before. He is helping me with everything, me and my team moved to Belgium-Lommel to train with Max as much as I can. I need to spend more time in the sand to be faster as we don’t have any sand tracks in my country. Also, we are working on my speed in qualifying practice and my starts”, added Sikyna.

When the MX2 World Championship resumes, Sikyna wants top ten results – he has had a few top ten results in the past but mostly in hard pack. If Nagl can help him improve his sand riding then Sikyna has a lot of potential for the future.

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“We want to be better every weekend, I believe when I will get better with my starts then I can fight for top 10 in the MX2 World Championship”, concluded Sikyna.

Pic: Martin Plesnik


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