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Revenge in Salt Lake City for Tomac?

Revenge in Salt Lake City for Tomac?
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An understandably angry Eli Tomac and the prospect of Jason Anderson clinching the supercross title have brought some much needed excitement to the closing rounds of the supercross season.

Tomac described Musquin’s pass that cost him the win as, “a cheap shot,” and you have to think he will be hoping to have the opportunity to get his own back in supercross with neither he or Musquin in a position to win the title.

Musquin has been taken out twice this year already so will be well aware of Tomac’s potential intentions should they end up in another duel for the win – but how will the Red Bull KTM man play it this time?

According to MyTopSportsbooks, Jason Anderson is not the favourite to win with his odds set at 3/1. He’s had less race wins, less laps led, and less holeshots than Eli Tomac. Meanwhile, Jason Anderson could well win the title this weekend baring a disaster. He was smiling away in the press conference happy not to be part of the drama as he quietly took a safe third to demonstrate yet again his good decision making this season.  Anderson has a 34 point lead so doesn’t even have to beat Musquin on Saturday night in order to clinch his first ever supercross title.

“Basically my theory on that is I do whatever I want to make myself better and not really caring about what anyone else is saying about what I should do in my program,” offered Anderson on his success this season in an interview with Gatedrop last weekend at Foxborough. “Obviously there is a structure that I follow but the way I go about things is that I just do it how I want to do it and how I think it will help me best. I definitely feel like you should follow structure still but at the same time there is some stuff that I have been doing extra that is very beneficial to me.”


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