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Revealed: 2020 EMX125 & WMX riders confirmed

Revealed: 2020 EMX125 & WMX riders confirmed
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A bit more than 1 month before the start of the FIM Motocross World Championship we are pleased to release a provisional EMX125 Presented by FMF Racing and WMX entry lists for the MXGP of Great Britain!

The European 125cc Championship and the Women’s World Championship will be joining the MXGP and MX2 riders at Matterley Basin as we kick off the 2020 FIM Motocross World Championship in Winchester, Great Britain on February the 29th and March the 1st.

The provisional entry list of the EMX125 class is looking impressive with a total of 84 entries looking to qualify for the main races on Saturday and Sunday. Of course, with only 40 available gates, the competition is bound to be fierce. Looking for a good start this season will be Liam Everts, who after finishing 8th in the Championship in 2019 will be keen to improve upon his previous result and challenge for the title.

Also hoping for a good start and debut will be the Italian, Marchetti Racing Team’s Valerio Lata. In 2019, Lata was crowned the EMX85 Junior World Champion and this season will see him move up into the EMX125 category. And previous EMX85 Junior World Champion (2017), Eddie Jay Wade, will also be looking to make a good impression in front of his home crowd. Another local star that will line-up in the fierce youth class is Joel Rizzi. Rizzi finished 13th overall, last season and often challenged for the top 3, so it will be interesting to see what he can do in 2020.

Meanwhile, in the Women’s World Championship, Courtney Duncan will be hoping to defend her title, while Larissa Papenmeier, Nancy Van de Ven and Amadine Verstappen are sure to put on the challenge. Of course, let’s not forget that 2020 will see the return of the 6-time WMX World Champion, Kiara Fontanesi, who missed the 2019 season, as she prepared for the arrival of her baby daughter, Skyler. Despite that, she has been working hard all off-season and is another rider that we can expect to see mixing it up at the front of the field at Matterley Basin.

The line-ups for the EMX125 and WMX classes are looking extremely strong and it is sure to be a great weekend of racing as we kick things off for the 2020 MXGP season.


1 3 Lata Valerio KTM ITA FMI Marchetti Racing Team KTM
3 8 Viano Andrea KTM ITA FMI
4 9 Grayshon Jack KTM GBR ACU
5 10 Cashmore Harvey KTM GBR ACU
6 12 Osterhagen Haakon KTM NOR NMF Creymert Racing
7 15 Karu Romeo Husqvarna EST EMF
8 17 Bal Junior Husqvarna BEL FMB
9 19 Pumpurs Mairis Yamaha LAT LAMSF Yamaha Europe EMX125 MJC
10 23 Sarasso Tommaso KTM ITA FMI
12 26 Elsener Joel Yamaha SUI FMS
13 27 Roulet Lucas Husqvarna BEL FMB
14 32 Bonacorsi Andrea KTM ITA FMI
15 33 Karssemakers Kay Yamaha NED KNMV Yamaha Europe EMX125 MJC
16 40 Michelis Martin KTM EST EMF
17 42 Rainio Sampo Husqvarna FIN SML A1M Husqvarna
18 44 Soulimani Saad Husqvarna FRA FFM Team VRT Nordpesca Holland
19 47 Sella Suff KTM ISR MEMSI Team Dragon Moto
20 72 Everts Liam KTM BEL FMB
21 82 Pavliv Ilya KTM RUS MFR
22 83 Lane Ethan KTM GBR ACU Hitachi KTM fuelled by Milwaukee
23 88 Verhoeven Lennert KTM BEL FMB
24 93 Coenen Lucas KTM BEL FMB
25 96 Alonso Rodilla Victor Yamaha ESP RFME Team Yamaha Ausio
26 101 Morris Jude Husqvarna GBR ACU
27 115 Roncoli Andrea Husqvarna ITA FMI
28 127 Atkinson Sam Husqvarna GBR ACU
29 128 Palmer Charlie Husqvarna GBR ACU
30 129 Maggiora Niccolo Husqvarna ITA FMI
31 131 Nickel Cato KTM GER DMSB WZ-RACING
32 150 Rosell Carles Yamaha ESP RFME STC IXS
33 172 Valk Cas KTM NED KNMV
34 191 Della Valle Davide KTM ITA FMI
35 207 Cazal Xavier KTM FRA FFM Team VHR KTM Racing
36 217 Wade Eddie Jay KTM GBR RFME Hitachi KTM fuelled by Milwaukee
37 242 Kucherov Nikita KTM RUS KNMV
38 247 Miot Florian KTM FRA FFM
39 252 Sanchez Raul Yamaha ESP RFME Team Yamaha Ausio
40 253 Brumann Kevin Yamaha SUI FMS iXS MXGP Team
41 256 Smith Magnus Yamaha DEN DMU
42 284 Lefaure Leo KTM FRA FFM
44 315 Beltran David KTM ESP RFME
45 319 Prugnieres Quentin Marc KTM FRA FFM BUD Racing Kawasaki
46 330 Gimm Daniel Yamaha ITA FMI
47 344 Razzini Pietro Husqvarna ITA FMI
48 359 Grau Maxime KTM FRA FFM
49 373 Canet Edgar KTM ESP RFME
50 377 Williams Preston KTM GBR ACU
51 394 Bourdieu Johan KTM FRA FFM
52 407 Gaidao Afonso KTM POR FMP NR83
53 408 Smulders Scott Husqvarna NED KNMV No Fear/Jumbo BT Racing Team
54 410 Thunecke Max KTM GER DMSB
56 414 Varg Rasmus Husqvarna SWE SVEMO
57 420 Rossi Andrea Fantic ITA FMI
58 422 Mc Lellan Camden Husqvarna RSA KNMV No Fear/Jumbo BT Racing Team
59 432 Van Erp Ivano Yamaha NED KNMV Yamaha Europe EMX125 MJC
60 437 Venhoda Martin KTM CZE ACCR NR83
61 442 Verbruggen Kjell KTM NED KNMV
62 472 Hull Luke Yamaha GBR ACU
63 484 Kooiker Dave Yamaha NED KNMV
64 489 Walvoort Jens KTM NED KNMV
65 509 Moens Yoran KTM BEL FMB
66 532 Piller Constantin KTM GER DMSB KTM Kosak Racing
67 535 Vetrovsky Radek KTM CZE ACCR JD GUNNEX KTM Racing Team
68 555 Nilsson Noel Husqvarna SWE SVEMO
69 567 Moen Rasmus Husqvarna SWE SVEMO
70 568 Palsson Max KTM SWE SVEMO
71 572 Pedersen Rasmus KTM DEN DMU WZ-RACING
72 579 Bruce Bobby Husqvarna GBR ACU
73 597 Harnois Alan KTM FRA FFM
74 602 Boberg Felix KTM SWE SVEMO
75 606 Vincent Killian KTM FRA FFM
76 651 Vettik Meico KTM EST EMF
77 669 Ruffini Luca KTM ITA FMI
78 711 Kessell Louie KTM GBR ACU
79 741 Volovich Daniel KTM BLR BFMS KTM DIGA Junior Racing
80 765 Bidzans Edvards Husqvarna LAT LAMSF A1M Husqvarna
81 772 Reisulis Karlis Alberts KTM LAT LAMSF
82 838 Voxen Kleemann William KTM DEN DMU
83 911 Blumfelds Rauls KTM LAT LAMSF
84 912 Rizzi Joel Husqvarna GBR ACU PAR Homes RFX Husqvarna


1 1 Duncan Courtney Kawasaki NZL MNZ DRT Kawasaki
2 5 Jans-Beken Britt KTM NED KNMV Lakerveld Racing
3 8 Fontanesi Kiara Yamaha ITA FMI
4 9 Germond Virginie KTM SUI FMS Team Dragon Moto
5 12 Reitze Alicia Yamaha GER DMSB Yamaha Racing 423
6 14 Martinez Mathilde KTM FRA FFM Team VHR KTM Racing
7 18 Brown Madison Yamaha AUS MA
8 30 Wagemans Brenda Yamaha BEL FMB
9 36 Berry Avrie KTM USA KNMV
10 42 Van Muylem Britt Husqvarna BEL FMB
11 52 Charroux Justine Yamaha FRA FFM
12 67 Van Der Werff Britt Suzuki NED KNMV
13 71 Verploegh Demi Yamaha NED KNMV
14 85 Van De Ven Nancy Yamaha NED KNMV Ghidinelli racing s.s.d s.r.l.
15 90 Keller Sandra KTM SUI FMS
16 99 Haudoire Manon Yamaha FRA FFM
17 100 Burgmans Eline KTM NED KNMV
18 110 Laier Stephanie KTM GER DMSB
19 111 Borchers Anne Suzuki GER DMSB
20 116 Nocera Francesca Yamaha ITA FMI Ghidinelli racing s.s.d s.r.l.
21 121 Galvagno Elisa Yamaha ITA FMI Ceres 71 Racing
22 131 Dam Line Yamaha DEN DMU
23 138 Booth Kathryn KTM GBR ACU
24 143 Stoutjesdijk Stephanie Husqvarna NED KNMV
25 146 Michels Lisa Suzuki GER DMSB
26 172 Valk Lynn Yamaha NED KNMV JK Racing Yamaha
27 188 van der Vlist Shana KTM NED KNMV
28 274 Verstappen Amandine Kawasaki BEL FMB BUD Racing Kawasaki
29 290 Denis Mathilde Yamaha FRA FFM
30 301 Jarvis Jordan Kawasaki USA AMA BUD Racing Kawasaki
31 325 Andersen Sara KTM DEN DMU
32 329 Bagnall Megan Yamaha AUS MA
33 412 Stilo Matilde Honda ITA FMI
34 423 Papenmeier Larissa Yamaha GER DMSB Yamaha Racing 423
35 461 Jones Nadiya KTM GBR ACU
36 612 Seleboe Mathea Yamaha NOR NMF
37 623 Bagnall Hannah Yamaha AUS MA
38 625 O’Hare Tahlia Jade KTM AUS KNMV Diga WMX Racing
39 699 Kapsamer Elena KTM AUT AMF
40 705 Jakobsen Malou KTM DEN DMU
41 974 Lehmann Janina Yamaha GER DMSB

Words: Youthstream


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