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Results: MXGP Lommel

Results: MXGP Lommel
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MX2 race one

Pauls Jonass passed his rival Jeremy Seewer and then battled and beat teammate Jorge Prado in a tense finish to win race one on a very rough track. A good moto for the Brits with Watson fifth and Mewse seventh.

Jonass said: “I was not so good from the start, I had to ride some different lines but I am happy to get the win.”

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MX1 race one

Jeffrey Herlings dominated race one and passed Cairoli to do it! Cairoli started second behind Glenn Coldenhoff but Herlings came from outside the top five to second within two laps to win by 30 seconds! Cairoli was all alone in second with two laps to go, 15 seconds behind Herlings, when he made a rare mistake and went down, but he was abe to re-pass Coldenhoff to take second with Coldenhoff third.

Herlings said: “It was not the greatest of starts but I managed to get to the front pretty quick but it’s all about the second moto.”

MX2 moto two

Pauls Jonass went down on lap one and was forced to come from the back of the pack leaving Jorge Prado, who started second behind Thomas Covington, pass for the lead and clear off for the overall win!

Jeremy Seewer wasn’t able to take full advantage of Jonass’ crash when he crashed out of the top five and dropped to ninth. Thomas Covington had a horrible crash knocking him out of second with only 4 laps to go elevating Seewer up to fourth with Jonass a brilliant ride to fifth, the Latvian now has a 50 point lead over Seewer.

Julien Lieber took a very good third overall at his home GP.

Prado said of his second GP win of the season: “This is the toughest track you have. Winning makes me so proud. I didn’t believe I could do this for 2x 35 minutes, it looks like Jorge is getting strong!”

MXGP moto two

What a battle! The best two riders in the world put on a sand riding clinic and it was Jeffrey Herlings who re-took the crown as the best sand rider in the world.

It was a head-to-head of epic proportions as Cairoli holeshot right with Herlings in his wheel-tracks, Herlings took the lead quickly before Cairoli countered and brake-checked Herlings for the lead. Herlings retaliated but Cairoli bumped him out of the way and stayed in front.

Herlings attacked again and gave Cairoli a brake-check of his own to finally get back into first and then the Dutchman pulled the pin. Cairoli was on the limit to stay with Herlings and nearly collided with the advertising hoardings as he tried to stay with the incredible speed of Herlings.

Cairoli eventually couldn’t hold the pace any longer and was forced to settle for second 30 seconds behind as Herlings got revenge on Cairoli’s win in Ottobiano to take a resounding 1-1 at Lommel, passing Cairoli both motos!

Herlings said: “It was a good one. I was happy to beat Tony in a straight fight. I really enjoyed.”

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