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Rene Hofer on the start of his season and leading at Matterley Basin

Rene Hofer on the start of his season and leading at Matterley Basin
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Before the racing season had to be put on hold, MX2 rookie, Rene Hofer had a great start to the season in the MX2 World Championship. The Austrian who was drafted into the Factory KTM team led the second moto at Matterley Basin. Considering he’s a rookie he was very impressive and had a shot of winning before his team mate, Tom Vialle made a move.

Paul Malin and Lisa Leyland caught up with Hofer in the last studio show before the start of the season.

On having a Factory KTM ride..

That was always the goal, I’ve always dreamed of the Factory KTM team since I was a little kid. I’m Austrian so that was always kind of the goal. It was pretty exciting but unfortunately it stopped pretty quickly after the two races. Anyway, I am looking forward to the rest of the season now, hopefully we will get some good racing this year.  Hopefully we can get back to normal in 2021.

On his family and racing background..

Actually, only my father raced but he was only an amateur. He was pretty fascinated about it though and it got me into it. I am very thankful for that because if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be where I am today. Of course, my whole family are now into the whole racing scene and it’s not easy so I have to be thankful to them.

On racing the Imola GP in 2019.

That was probably the best day of 2019. I already raced Mantova but got injured there, Loket was my first MX2 race and I was able to score points but when I went to Imola I really liked the track. It was just a great day, I felt really comfortable. I didn’t have the best starts but in moto one I felt amazing and even in the second race I had two crashes but still finished seventh overall.  We were pretty stocked with that. When you ride in sixth place you know that you’re fast enough to be there and it was just a great feeling to be at front in the MX2 class. It give me a lot of confidence going into the winter, training with Tom and Jeffrey was obviously a challenge too but I think it helped a lot.

On the opening round at Matterley Basin..

Wow, the second race was crazy. I mean I took the holeshot, I got passed by Jago right away and then Tom almost got me on the first lap but then suddenly I found my rhythm and  then I passed Jago right before the finish line. Suddenly I was leading so that was pretty crazy. I just tried to ride as fast as I can so nobody can attack me from behind. It worked for quite a long time but in the end, Tom passed me but yeah, it didn’t matter. Second place at my first GP this year was just amazing, everybody was pretty happy about it.  On hard pack I knew that I could be at the front, it was the first race so I didn’t expect it actually but on hard pack, we also saw it during the winter practice that I can catch up with Tom and that I’m pretty much the same speed. I was a little bit more surprised about Valkenswaard. For me, that was even better with the fourth place in the sand, I knew I wasn’t as strong as I am in hard pack. Matterley is one of my favourite tracks so I was really comfortable all day and it was just amazing to be at the front of an MX2 GP.

Pic: Infront Moto Racing

On Valkenswaard and the tough sand.. 

We were really happy with my speed at Valkenswaard, we obviously had some bad luck in the second race but actually we didn’t expect to be at the front in sand so for me it was better than the race at Matterley. Passing guys like Van de Moosdijk in the sand, it felt unrealistic actually but I felt good. I won at Valkenswaard in 2018 so I felt comfortable and it was a good day despite the second race.

Main pic: Martin Plesnik

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