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Ratsep to ‘finish with high level motocross’

Ratsep to ‘finish with high level motocross’
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Priit Ratsep has confirmed that he has decided to finish with high level motocross as he will start focusing on other things in life.

Ratsep won the Latvian championship earlier in the season and represented Estonia at the Motocross Des Nations. Ratsep helped his country finish in eighth which is a very impressive result and it’s a good way for Ratsep to bow out from professional racing.

He broke the news via social media, you can read his statement below:

“Hey everyone!

I have made a decision to about my racing life. Decided to finish with high level motocross and start focusing my energy on other things from now on. It wasn’t easy to finish the lifestyle that I have been enjoying for almost 20 years. But since there are some hard times at motocross world and as I’m not at the top of the top, it is hard to make a living if not impossible. From pure emotion and self establishment it is not wise to continue. There is a change that you will see me racing at some local races but from now on it will just be after work and for fun.

There have been a lot of good people helping me with even more than it was in their own interests and I would like to thank them, from the bottom of my heart. There are little bit too many to thank here and i will do that in person when the time is right.
Here I would only thank my mon and dad for they full support. And also PMC Addinol Honda Racing and Juss Laansoo for their hard work on getting me closer to the top then I ever was.
Big thanks for everyone that have been and is supporting my decision.

Pic: Kalev Palkov

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