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Race results: MXGP and MX2 Valkenswaard GP

Race results: MXGP and MX2 Valkenswaard GP
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Moto one

Pauls Jonass took the holeshot but was shadowed all race long by the impressive Julien Lieber but the Belgian didn’t get the luck with the back markers at the end of the moto leaving Jonass to take the win.

Jonass said: “I was happy to get a holeshot and ride my own lines. I’m not 100% happy with my riding.”

American Thomas Covington rode very well in the sand to take third with Jeremy Seewer recovering from a bad start to take fourth. Brent Van Doninck came from way back to secure a fine fifth place.

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Young Jorge Prado had a big crash just after he moved into the top five. While Olsen took out Brian Hsu in while they battle for a top five result with Hsu crashing himself just one lap later ruining his chances of a good result.

1. Jonass
2. Lieber
3. Covington
4. Seewer
5. Van Doninck
6. Vlaaanderen
7. Paturel
8. Brylyakov
9. Olsen
10. Lawrence

Moto two

It was carnage on lap one as Jorge Prado took the holeshot then promptly flew off the track and into the fans over the first jump! This left Pauls Jonass in the lead with Lieber behind him only for Lieber to go missing by the end of lap one!

Jonass then had a decent lead over the impressive Brian Hsu but Jeremy Seewer would eventually come through to finish second from a Van Doninck and Olsen, with a flying Hunter Lawrence coming through to fifth and Brian Hsu eventually finishing sixth.

Jonass won the overall from Seewer and Van Doninck and said: “I’m feeling really good, I got a decent gap in first lap and cruised around and enjoyed racing.”

1. Jonass
2. Seewer
3. Van Doninck
4. Olsen
5. Lawrence
6. Hsu
7. Vlaanderen
8. Petrov
9. Paturel
10. Bogers


Moto one

What a moto! Gautier Paulin took the holehot with Tim Gajser behind him but the championship leader went down and remounted in sixth but couldn’t fend off a charging Jeffrey Herlings who started just inside the top ten.

Tony Cairoli had a terrible moto by his standard, the Italian started 20th then got caught in a pile-up to finish a disappointing ninth.

Herlings meanwhile was fighting his way into contention and got up to third with Van Horebeek second and Paulin just holding on at the front, Herlings went for a pass on JVH with two laps to go but ended up over the berm and that dented his hopes of the win.

Paulin held off Van Horebeek on the last lap to take his first win of the season and his first on the Husky.

Paulin said: “I feel good on that bike. I start to be back.”

Van Horebeek finished second with Bobryshev and Jasikonis just behind Herlings to take fourth and fifth. At one stage the top five all had a shot at the win! Gajser would finish a subdued sixth but still gained points on Cairoli in the championship!

1. Paulin
2. Van Horebeek
3. Herlings
4. Bobryshev
5. Jasikonis
6. Gajser
7. Desalle
8. Coldenhoff
9. Cairoli
10. Nagl

Moto two

Tony Cairoli got the holeshot in race two determined to make amends after getting dirt in eyes in race one but the battle behind was intense with Herlings coming from an atrocious start to third place. But Gautier Paulin held Herlings off in the last five minutes to take second place to take his first overall win of the season!

Herlings however will be pleased with his performance but not his starts, which hindered his chances of a likely win but he still took his first podium of the season (second overall) after fighting through the field.

Herlings said: “Man, it’s been a long time (to be on the podium). The starts weren’t good today, that’s why I didn’t win the GP. I feel like my speed is back where it needs to be.”

A crash for Van Horebeek on the last lap meant he gifted Gajser fourth with the Yamaha man remounting in fifth but still took third overall.

Paulin was understandably delighted after two tough years: “It’s really good, I had to work really hard for it. I made a push when everyone was tired and the track was tough. It feels great, I love it.”

Cairoli didn’t make the podium overall but gained a couple of points on Gajser and is now just 14 behind.

1. Cairoli
2. Paulin
3. Herlings
4. Gajser
5. Van Horebek
6. Febvre
7. Jasikonis
8. Bobryshev
9. Tonus
10. Coldenhoff

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