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Qualifying results from France & Italy!

Qualifying results from France & Italy!

There are two International races taking place this weekend. The third and final round of the International Italian championship and the Lacapelle International race in France.

Over in Italy it’s Jeffrey Herlings who went pole as he was 0.4 seconds quicker than Van Horebeek. Cairoli set the third quickest time on his very last lap as he edged out Gajser. Martin Barr was sitting most of the session in tenth spot until Guillod and Goncalves put in quick laps right at the end but twelth spot for Barr is still excellent.

Italian Championship MX1 Qualifying:

  1. Jeffrey Herlings
  2. Jeremy Van Horebeek
  3. Antonio Cairoli
  4. Tim Gajser
  5. Glenn Coldenhoff
  6. Tanel Leok
  7. Romain Febvre
  8. Evgeny Bobryshev
  9. Alessandro Lupino
  10. Valentin Guillod
  11. Rui Goncalves
  12. Martin Barr
  13. Jose Butron
  14. Ken De Dycker
  15. Ryan Houghton

In the MX2 class in Italy, Jorge Prado who is likely going to win the title later on today was two seconds quicker than anyone else in his group, more evidence that he is an excellent sand rider.

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Samuele Bernardini was quickest in his groupon his TM ahead of Calvin Vlaanderen who is competing at his first race of the year.

Italian Championship MX2 Group One:

  1. Samuele Bernardini
  2. Calvin Vlaanderen
  3. Brian Bogers
  4. Roan van de Moosdijk
  5. Michele Cervellin
  6. Ruben Fernandez
  7. Filippo Zonta
  8. Davy Pootjes
  9. Karel Kutsar
  10. Felix Nilsson

Italian Championship MX2 Group Two:

  1. Jorge Prado
  2. Julien Lieber
  3. Simone Furlotti
  4. Ivo Monticelli
  5. Simone Zecahina
  6. Nicholas Lapucci
  7. Guiseppe Tropepe
  8. David Herbreteau
  9. Davide Cislaghi
  10. Karlis Sabulis

Over in France, the hard-pack track of Lacapelle-Marival gives the riders good preparation for Qatar. Arminas Jasikonis got his season off to a good start at Hawkstone last weekend and he is bringing that confidence with him as he went quickest in timed practice ahead of Clement Desalle. It looks like he has been putting the work in at the hard-pack tracks.

In MX2, Jonass who was in great form at Hawkstone last weekend is also quickest in Lacapelle but the times are incredibly close.

Lacapelle MX1 Timed Practice:

  1. Arminas Jasikonis
  2. Clement Desalle
  3. Kevin Strijbos
  4. Jordi Tixier
  5. Max Anstie
  6. Greg Aranda
  7. Damon Graulus
  8. Gautier Paulin
  9. Arnaud Tonus
  10. Shuan Simpson

Lacapelle MX2 Timed Practice:

  1. Pauls Jonass
  2. Jeremy Seewer
  3. Benoit Paturel
  4. Thomas Covington
  5. Alvin Ostlund
  6. Petar Petrov
  7. Hunter Lawrence
  8. Thomas Kjer Olsen
  9. Brent Van Doninck
  10. Conrad Mewse

Pic: Ray Archer