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Protect your bike from theft with the motocross logbook!

Protect your bike from theft with the motocross logbook!
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Ex GP and British championship motocross rider, Jason Higgs, has launched a new business designed to help find your stolen bike and ultimately help prevent bike theft.

Higgs became a builder and got married following his retirement from the sport as a professional racer in 2008. But he couldn’t shake the motocross bug and has recently got back into the sport in a riding capacity out in Spain, and felt it was time something was done about the increasing theft problem after speaking with friends.

“It has got so out of hand that something really needs to be done. Motocross bikes are getting more expensive every year.” said Higgs. So he came up with the idea of a logbook database and immediately put his idea into practice, moving himself and his family back to the UK to push his new business.

In a nutshell the logbook is, according to it’s website, “the new way to internationally protect your bike, protect its value and protect the sport. Think of the Motocross LogBook being the same as the obligatory V5 for a car. The Motocross Logbook will become as important as a V5 and will be expected with every sale in the future.”

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Higgs as a young racer back in 1992.

“I’ve had fantastic feedback, and comments, on how this has been needed for so long.” explained Jason. “People also like the fact that I’ve had such a long history in the sport, and I am still hugely in love with it.”

“With my logbook system, insurance quotes will come down, thieves will be less likely to take a bike that is registered, and the police will be able to seize bikes from people riding illegally if they cant prove the bikes are theirs and not stolen.”

To sign up and become part of the database, or for more information. Go onto

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