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Pirelli British Masters: Results from Whitby

Pirelli British Masters: Results from Whitby
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Congratulations to Graeme Irwin and Martin Barr for clinching the British Master championship titles. They are doing a good job racing in the UK and doing our country proud.

At Whitby, Irwin took one of the race wins and EBB took the other. Martin Barr was solid all weekend long and crossed the line as the second MX2 rider in both the moto’s. Steven Clarke was strong on the day and even beat Irwin in one of the moto’s. It’s pretty cool to see Billy Mac back at the races, he went 8-6 on the day. It remains to be seen if he will contest anymore races in 2016.

Moto One:

  1. Graeme Irwin
  2. Steven Clarke
  3. James Harrison
  4. Martin Barr
  5. Brad Todd
  6. Tony Craig
  7. Mel Pocock
  8. Billy Mackenzie
  9. Jordan Divall
  10. Robbie Dowson

Moto Two:

  1. Elliot Banks Browne
  2. Steven Clarke
  3. Graeme Irwin
  4. Martin Barr
  5. James Harrison
  6. Billy Mackenzie
  7.  Brad Todd
  8. Nathan Dixon
  9. Matt Burrows
  10. Jay Hague


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