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New motocross brand to be launched?

New motocross brand to be launched?
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Are we about to see a new offroad motorcycle brand enter the market? That fact alone would be remarkably in a market that’s currently dominated by a few big brands! However things indicate that a new project for a specialised manufacturer is in the works.

According to our sources this project would (partly) draw on Belgian engineering. While there are plenty of motorcycle assembly or rebadging efforts out there we’re talking about the completely new, independent development of 65cc, 85 cc and 125cc bikes. The new manufacturer will produce their own power plants and frames. Parts would be exclusively sourced from European suppliers.

Awaiting further confirmation, it seems that this brand has to potential to create its own complete range of motocross bikes for youth riders. This is another indication that things are moving in this market segment after Yamaha’s introduction of their brand-new YZ65. Yamaha’s new minicycle has been seen as a clever move by the brand with the three crossed tuning forks to install loyalty with riders from a young age.

Words: Tom Jacobs

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