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MXoN pre-race quotes: Herlings, Searle, Cairoli, Van Horebeek, Osborne & more!

MXoN pre-race quotes: Herlings, Searle, Cairoli, Van Horebeek, Osborne & more!
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Luongo: The Motocross of Nations, it’s something special, it’s not only the riders, the public play a big role in the this event. The fans come from every part of the world. It’s the race of the year. We have to keep this event unique, the riders come to defend the colours of their country, it’s the Olympics of our sport.  We make a choice every year for a great venue that can have a lot of fans and it is something special.

Paulin: We are happy to be here with our colours. The team atmosphere has been great. Christophe is so happy to be here riding a strong 250. We love racing Motocross of Nations. We walked the track and it looks awesome – the British fans will be crazy! There are some strong teams but we are one of them. It is a track I like and such a good track for motocross.

Charlier: For me it’s a big challenge. I feel less nervous because I am changing discipline. I have less stress and I am confident for the race.

Herlings: It’s tough to speak about a nations victory because it’s three riders, we have been training together and we are good friends, we are strong as a team. We might need some luck to win but our main priority is to podium. For me personally I just want to go out and win, that’s all I can do.  We all live close to each other, within half an hour, we spent a lot of time together, it’s good to go as great friends. The track looks cool and with the atmosphere that will be here it will be nice to finish the year strong.

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DeCoster:  It’s always good to be back in England, I have a lot of good memoroes from racing myself in England and in 2006. These guys responded very quickly when I asked them if they wanted to be on the team. All three were eager to go. I like to be on the middle place of the podium and I am counting on these guys to do it!

Seely: The track I am really excited, I have never been here before and experience a new format and new track. We have a lot of heart and passion to being a result. I’ve known Zach since we were on 50s, the camaraderie is good, I think we are going to work really well together.

Osborne: This is definitely a little different. I am glad to be back in the UK, it’s a bit of a homecoming for me, I feel like I have never left. in my opinion this is one of the best tracks in the entire world. We all want this really bad and it would be incredible to take home this trophy. I planned this trip to England in April before I was chosen, I got to do a lot of riding with Mel on his track and it has been an awesome trip.

Covington:  I’m feeling really good. I walked the track this morning it was a little bit wet. I am really looking forward to it on the 450. I raced the 450 quite a bit when I was an amateur in the US and had a quite a bit of success. Straight away when I hop on the bike I feel great on it.

Anstie: I was born in Winchester, I was here in 2006 when it was last here. I remember standing on hill watching thinking those boys are amazing. It’s amazing 11 years later I am able to take part in it. We have a good team and we all like the track. We have to focus on what we need to do. My training hasn’t stopped from France, I look at it as the next GP. I think if we focus on what we need to do we will be real good.

Searle: I’m feeling really good. It’s showing similar signs to 94 when you(Paul Malin) won. Dean and Max are riding the best they have in their career in the 450. It’s just a matter of getting the job done. It feels really nice, Steve Dixon has a really good 250 and I am looking forward to racing this weekend.

Wilson: I’ve been in the UK for 3 weeks now, It tough to keep training for a month, I took a week off and got back to it and came over here. This year was a big learning year, it’s good for me as a person, you really appreciate what you have. I have worked hard to get here and I feel with hard work opportunities do open. We have had a good laugh, we have been working hard and training, Max is riding really good and Tommy is also riding really well. I really have a good feeling about this weekend.

Van Horebeek: I’m really looking forward, it’s a race I really like. I am riding the new Yamaha. We only rode it two days and it’s already better than the bike we had. These boys are ready, I am ready, I am confident. I think we will be on the box.

Van Doninck: I feel a little bit less stress and also because I will be riding my own bike. I am feeling good, in the last week’s my speed was better and I really like the track here.

Cairoli: I try to motivate as much as possible the team. We are not second to anyone, everybody has two legs, we want to be on the podium, this is our goal. I try to put a fire under these guys, I know they can do really well but they need to believe in themselves.

Lawrence: I’m pumped this year but I am excited to race and experience the crowd. I think we have a really good team, the track is picturesque and has big jumps. The euro guys are weird so it’s nice to see Australian’s again! (laughs)

Guillod: It was a difficult year for me on the 450 so together with the team we decided to ride the MX2. I feel really good on 250 I have practiced for maybe ten days I have the feeling had when I was riding in 2015, it is a lot of fun.





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