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MXBrothers: Training facility in Belgium

MXBrothers: Training facility in Belgium
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MXBrothers is a company providing motocross packages that cater for all ages and ability, from beginner to pro-level and they have a holiday to suit everyone, whether this is based around one of the major motocross events or if you prefer to just ride and have time to experience in the centre of motocross in Europe in Belgium, Lommel. They invite athletes from all over the world to our sports youth MX camp.

The company began its operations in May 2018. From its foundation until June 2019, investments were made from its own and borrowed funds. The building was purchased into ownership and its major modernization under a sports multi functional centre. In June 2019, the Motocross Sports Center opened its doors for sports enthusiasts. In just three months, MXBrothers were visited by dozens of athletes and fans of this Sport from all over the World: from Ireland, Germany, Norway, Spain, the United States of America, Argentina, Latvia, Sweden.

Groups up to 15 people and for a period of seven days can experience some of the best tracks in the world in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, riding together with pro MXGP riders, and see why everyone’s talking about motocross in this area. In the area from where MXBrothers are based there are 15 motocross tracks in the area of 35 kilometers. The closest track being Lommel which is a GP track and only 300 metres away.

At the moment MXBrothers give support to Latvian rider Thomas Sileika and he showed strong results at the MXGP in Valkenswaard, top 10 in EMX250 class.

In terms of plans for 2020 and 2021, they are very interested in developing a social direction and working not only with athletes but also with all youth. The city of Lommel has organized a great track for World-class Motocross. We would be happy if the youth of Lommel can use our modern, fully equipped infrastructure completely free of charge, and thus, MXBrothers will be able to contribute to the development of the city, help diversify leisure and communication among the youth. For this, we also plan to further increase the area of our youth centre by 450-500 m2.

You can find MXBrothers on Facebook, here and the website is

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