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MX2 in Loket!

MX2 in Loket!
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Injuries are a downside to this sport without a doubt but with Jeffrey Herlings going to miss Loket this weekend, the MX2 class could be set to have some great racing. So far, in this year’s series, Herlings has been remarkable and won twelve rounds from the twelve!

This means that this weekend in Loket someone is going to win their first GP of the year! With Herlings set to move up to the MXGP class in the 2017 season this weekend’s MX2 racing is almost like a rehearsal for next year.

Who is going to be able to step it up for the win? Not only that but who has the mentality to win? Heading into this weekend it is hard to look past both Jeremy Seewer and Dylan Ferrandis. Seewer is riding the best he has in his career this year and is currently second in the series, he has stepped it up working with Stefan Everts. Dylan Ferrandis being from France is always strong in hard pack conditions and at times has ran with Herlings, he even beat him in the first moto in Italy to prove he has the speed.

Max Anstie hasn’t had an amazing season but he was strong in Loket last year winning the first moto and was on course for the win in moto two before a silly mistake cost him. Max still hasn’t won a hard pack GP so he will be motivated to do that before the end of the season as he moves up to MXGP for 2017.

Pauls Jonass and Benoit Paturel will be fast and can’t be dismissed for the win, Jonass continues to improve in hard pack conditions whilst Paturel is a hard pack specialist. However, Benoit has had an incredibly tough week after his mother passed away, we send our best wishes to him. It won’t be an easy GP for the French rider but hopefully he can use it as motivation and make his mother proud.

The start will be key this weekend, who gets out in first will definitely try hard to break away at the front, if they manage to do that they know that they won’t have a charging Jeffrey Herlings coming at them at the end of the moto.

A lot of riders will be very excited this weekend to try and get their first GP win of the year. Riders like Brian Bogers and Davy Pootjes are in good form at the moment so who knows what they could do with a good start. There are a lot of dangerous riders in the class, it will be interesting to see who steps up this weekend, it could be the start of something special. Good results brings confidents and with no Herlings in 2017 the MX2 riders know that over winter they really are training to win.

Article: Andy McKinstry

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