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MX Nationals – Entries for 2017!

MX Nationals – Entries for 2017!
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The MX Nationals have announced the latest entries they have received for the series in 2017. Defending champion, Graeme Irwin will be back to defend the title he won in 2016, his team mate Martin Barr will race the MX1 class in the MX Nationals championship in 2017 and will be another contender.

Steven Lenoir and Kristian Whatley will also challenge for the MX1 title, Kevin Wouts will also race the series, the Belgian is expected to ride for the Heads ‘N’ Threads Suzuki outfit.

In the MX2 class with Martin Barr moving up to MX1, it will be a chance for someone else to win the title in 2017. It will be nice to see Mel Pocock back racing and he could challenge for the title on the Revo Husqvarna. Liam Knight, Brad Todd and Jake Millward should be strong and could mount a title challenge too.

ProX Fastest 40

Josh Gilbert 3 Pro MX2
Graeme Irwin 5 Pro MX1
Carlton Husband 6 Pro MX1
Mitchell Lewis 7 Pro MX1
Michael Ellis 10 Pro MX2
Matt Burrows 11 Pro MX1
Rob Davidson 14 Pro MX1
Henry Williams 15 Pro MX2
Luke Smith 17 Pro MX2
Tom Neal 19 Pro MX2
Ryan Houghton 21 Pro MX1
Liam Garland 24 Pro MX2
Jamie Law 25 Pro MX1
Gert Krestinov 37 Pro MX1
Elliot Banks Browne 44 Pro MX1
Martin Barr 50 Pro MX1
Kevin Wouts 55 Pro MX1
Brad Anderson 60 Pro MX1
Jordan Divall 63 Pro MX2
Lewis Tombs 66 Pro MX2
Dan Thornhill 95 Pro MX1
Jordan Booker 114 Pro MX2
Mel Pocock 119 Pro MX2
Liam Knight 134 Pro MX2
James Harrison 153 Pro MX1
Dexter Douglas 171 Pro MX2
Jay Hague 177 Pro MX2
Josh Spinks 180 Pro MX1
Jamie Carpenter 184 Pro MX2
Kristian Whatley 227 Pro MX1
Jake Millward 303 Pro MX2
Nathan Dixon 360 Pro MX2
Dylan Woodcock 600 Pro MX2
Oliver Benton 631 Pro MX2
Steven Lenoir 685 Pro MX1
Ashley Wilde 704 Pro MX1
Brad Todd 714 Pro MX2
Jake Shipton 731 Pro MX1

Gaerne Open 85 Class

Harrison McCann 1 BW85
James Barker 3 SW85
Ollie Beamish 7 BW85
Tom Harris 8 SW85
Harvey Cashmore 10 SW85
Alfie Jones 11 SW85
Lewis Wood 12 BW85
Tom Sedgwick 17 BW85
Jack Parker 18 BW85
Joe Brookes 19 BW85
Daniel Brooks 21 BW85
Charlie Heyman 22 SW85
Kyle McNicol 57 BW85
Arche Fisher 66 BW85
James Smith 69 BW85
Myles Taylor 70 BW85
Louie Kessell 71 BW85
Tom Murphy 74 BW85
Bobby Bruce 79 BW85
Trystan Williams 81 BW85
Dominic Lancett 90 BW85
James Hanscombe 94 BW85
Cameron Jackson 101 BW85
Jake Wotherspoon 110 BW85
Boston Gilbert 111 SW85
Ike Carter 117 BW85
Bayliss Utting 118 SW85
Syd Putnam 119 SW85
Archie Montgomery 141 SW85
Tommy Gilbert 177 BW85
Jonathon Dixon 199 SW85
Tyler Westcott 202 SW85
Eddie Wade 217 BW85
Ryan Platt 289 BW85
Ethan Tollet 307 SW85
Ben White 338 BW85
Jack Lindsay 433 BW85
Abbie Chambers 515 BW85
Charlie Nudds 776 SW85
Finn Corbijin 902 BW85
Adam Slavin 911 BW85

Talon MXY1/MXY2

Lloyd Goodwin 3 MXY1
Sam Beresford 5 MXY1
Troy Jones 6 MXY2
Martyn Armstrong 23 MXY2
Tom Darlow 26 MXY1
Keenan Hird 29 MXY2
Sam Howland 31 MXY1
Jake Parker 66 MXY2
Lewis King-London 74 MXY2
Tommy Clark 81 MXY1
Reece Martin 99 MXY1
Ben Clark 101 MXY1
Kathryn Booth 138 MXY2
Aaron Patstone 150 MXY1
Toby Saunders 158 MXY2
Jake Edey 199 MXY2
Sam Nunn 365 MXY1
Lewis Hall 419 MXY2
Drew Row 422 MXY2
Kristian Hutchings 551 MXY2
Josh Peters 712 MXY1
Jed Etchels 769 MXY2
Patrick Gilligan 821 MXY2
Joel Rizzi 912 MXY1
Aaron Colley MXY1

RFX Elite Clubmen MX2

Jamie Bevin 2 Clubmen MX2
Daniel Houlker 3 Clubmen MX2
Rob Booth 5 Clubmen MX2
Luke Macey 15 Clubmen MX2
Ryan King 16 Clubmen MX2
Adam Marsden 18 Clubmen MX2
Joe Hughes 21 Clubmen MX2
Jay Bevin 24 Clubmen MX2
Greg Hughes 28 Clubmen MX2
Gabbi Hamlet 30 Clubmen MX2
Charlie West 31 Clubmen MX2
Harry Fletcher 37 Clubmen MX2
JJ Werts 47 Clubmen MX2
Carl Haywood 57 Clubmen MX2
Daniel Marshall 82 Clubmen MX2
Paul Thompson 86 Clubmen MX2
Tom Lundstrom 87 Clubmen MX2
Cameron Macro 91 Clubmen MX2
Conner Campbell 92 Clubmen MX2
Brad Thornhill 95 Clubmen MX2
Michael McAlister 108 Clubmen MX2
Craig Daffin 144 Clubmen MX2
Harry Hemmings 151 Clubmen MX2
Ste Liston 157 Clubmen MX2
Tallon Aspden 171 Clubmen MX2
Amie Goodlad 178 Clubmen MX2
Tony Cadman 182 Clubmen MX2
Jack Hughes 213 Clubmen MX2
Adam Ford 238 Clubmen MX2
Ryan Jones 269 Clubmen MX2
Fabio Rizzi 290 Clubmen MX2
Charles Jordan 315 Clubmen MX2
Bradley Meakin 338 Clubmen MX2
Rikki Owen 510 Clubmen MX2
Sophia Levell 511 Clubmen MX2
Josh Warren 580 Clubmen MX2
Guy Langmead 711 Clubmen MX2
Callum Swan 727 Clubmen MX2
Toby Lightbown 771 Clubmen MX2
Scott Kennedy 774 Clubmen MX2
Frazer Buckingham 956 Clubmen MX2
Jack Colley Clubmen MX2

Moto Connection Elite Clubmen MX1

Nieve Holmes 4 Clubmen MX1
Adam Haywood 12 Clubmen MX1
Sean Radcliffe 14 Clubmen MX1
Chris Muir 17 Clubmen MX1
Lee Tolan 24 Clubmen MX1
Adam Pursglove 27 Clubmen MX1
Stefan Gartan 29 Clubmen MX1
James Trethewey 32 Clubmen MX1
Guy Prince 41 Clubmen MX1
Charlie Sutton 50 Clubmen MX1
Lee Powell 55 Clubmen MX1
Matthew Robinson 77 Clubmen MX1
Michael Marriott 86 Clubmen MX1
Paul Beale 93 Clubmen MX1
Matthew North 94 Clubmen MX1
Sean Barnsdale 107 Clubmen MX1
Matthew Dowse 120 Clubmen MX1
Dean Mackenzie 121 Clubmen MX1
Lewis Wigger 151 Clubmen MX1
Dom Bailey 199 Clubmen MX2
Rob Stallard 209 Clubmen MX1
James Benson 217 Clubmen MX2
Edward Bailey 222 Clubmen MX1
Lee Sims 233 Clubmen MX1
Michael Green 259 Clubmen MX1
Jamie Aitken 307 Clubmen MX1
Richard Evans 324 Clubmen MX1
Will Sperry 332 Clubmen MX1
Vincent Branch 333 Clubmen MX1
Luke Nolan 461 Clubmen MX1
Tom Duddle 612 Clubmen MX1
Mathew Lavender 712 Clubmen MX1
Craig Masden 715 Clubmen MX1
Spencer Brooking 742 Clubmen MX1
Max Wood 755 Clubmen MX1
Jonathan Nudds 769 Clubmen MX1
Jasper Parsons 901 Clubmen MX1
Andrew Slavin 911 Clubmen MX1

Bell British Expert MX2

Bradley Wheeler 2 Expert MX2
Daniel Silvester 7 Expert MX2
Dan Whitehead 10 Expert MX2
Charlie Hamlet 14 Expert MX2
Olly Jones 15 Expert MX2
Harry Linton 26 Expert MX2
Jordan McCaw 35 Expert MX2
Jamie Wainwright 40 Expert MX2
Alexander Brown 41 Expert MX2
Todd Ritchie 51 Expert MX2
Matt Bowen 56 Expert MX2
George Fountain 57 Expert MX2
Aaron Framingham 60 Expert MX2
Josh Coleman 66 Expert MX2
Charlie Way 77 Expert MX2
Charlie Putnam 91 Expert MX2
John Waghorne 96 Expert MX2
Alex Buchanan 111 Expert MX2
Brett Pocock 117 Expert MX2
Mitch Young 119 Expert MX2
Jake Sheridan 122 Expert MX2
Reece Wain 156 Expert MX3
George Clark 161 Expert MX2
Charlie Beamish 170 Expert MX2
Josh Canton 220 Expert MX2
Calum Priddle 371 Expert MX2
Daryl Wallis 427 Expert MX2
Simon Booth 447 Expert MX2
Ross Parkinson 505 Expert MX2
Jamie Buckingham 561 Expert MX2
Thomas Kirk 611 Expert MX2
Michael Watson 850 Expert MX2
Jordan Moxey 981 Expert MX2
Ashley Wheelhouse #0 Expert MX2

Fly Racing British Expert MX1

Brad Cavill 14 Expert MX1
Johnjoe Wright 23 Expert MX1
Jay Lewis 26 Expert MX1
Jack Seaborne 27 Expert MX1
Tom Moore 32 Expert MX1
Gareth Artus 36 Expert MX1
Ryan Matthew 41 Expert MX1
Neil Chatham 46 Expert MX1
Luke Parker 49 Expert MX1
Will Orritt 63 Expert MX1
Josh Bentley 68 Expert MX1
Jacob Joyce 69 Expert MX1
Myles Saunders 71 Expert MX1
Ben Butler 75 Expert MX1
Jordan Dunne 88 Expert MX1
Phil Bell 100 Expert MX1
Joshua Fytche 141 Expert MX1
Luke Sturgeon 152 Expert MX1
Adam Wells 156 Expert MX1
Adam Day 188 Expert MX1
Alex Christopher 240 Expert MX1
Paul Atkinson 268 Expert MX1
Shaun Southgate 301 Expert MX1
Danny Townsend 313 Expert MX1
Declan Whittle 411 Expert MX1
Ben Cole 499 Expert MX1
Ryan Watts 553 Expert MX1
Tommy Alba 681 Expert MX1
Aiden Wigger 691 Expert MX1
Alex Fountain 752 Expert MX1
Luke Robinson 777 Expert MX1

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