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Musquin on his first win of the year: It was time!

Musquin on his first win of the year: It was time!
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He perhaps should have got the win at the last two rounds, Marvin Musquin certainly had the speed in Daytona and Altlanta but mistakes under pressure to make passes to get to the front cost the Frenchman the wins and points in the championship.

But at Indy it was Musquin who got the start and was mistake free leaving the rest to make the mistakes. The technical track suited the technical Frenchman and he now sits just 14 points behind teammate Webb in the series as the Red Bull KTM duo look set to battle for the 2019 supercross championship right to the wire in Vegas – which should make for some intense training days at Aldon Baker’s compound!

Musquin spoke to the media about his win after and admitted it was time he finally got that win!

On dealing with the pressure at the end of the race

It was long main event and I started looking at the time and it was maybe five minutes to go, so I knew they were charging right behind me I really wanted to be smooth and mistake free, my whoops were pretty clean, I wasn’t sure if it was the best way but I kept doing it then that over the table, I knew if I kept that clean I would be fine, towards the end I was able to get it done clear and knew I would be okay, The rest of the track jsutndo my own thing and it was good. I was definitely happy with the end of the main.

It was a super long main event, I was charging but not riding the way I wanted to, I wanted to be smooth and not make mistakes, I haven’t been in that position in a long time, so it feels good to get it done.

Musquin Pic: Rich Shepherd

On finally getting a win in 2019

It’s been a long time coming, I have been trying my best every weekend, some races I haven’t been in a great position off the starts, some of them I did but I was not able to make it happen and other races where the speed was really, really good I wasn’t able to make it happen off the start.

Tonight I was very confident on my starting gate, to get a holeshot was super important and yeah, it was time. We are going in the right direction right now, we will keep charging and follow the programme.

His successes at Indy

When you win a couple of times in the same stadium you obviously love it. I thought about it coming into the weekend, I had a great race here last year and won and maybe won twice in the 250, I was happy to be here and excited. I really like the dirt, it gets rutted and technical and the whoops het really chewed out. I needed to excecute and get a good start.

On what he needs to do to battle Webb for the championship

The riding has been good and I need to get good starts, put myself in good position and I can do really good, today was good I haven’t been in that position in a while. I am looking forward to next weekend and doing the same thing.

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