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Max Nagl comments on the salary market in MXGP

Max Nagl comments on the salary market in MXGP
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Gautier Paulin recently spoke out about riders paying for rides in the MXGP paddock and experienced German rider, Max Nagl has also been asked to comment on the situation in an interview.

“I think the current situation in MXGP is difficult, I don’t want to say anything negative because there are some people who do their best and try to improve the MXGP paddock, the media and other things but the problem is that motocross is not visible on TV, only pay TV or internet… so it is difficult to attract new sponsors. Yes, the fact that many strong riders like Paulin, Desalle (and me too) are retiring because they can’t find a good team, shows how strange the current situation is in MXGP. If you are really lucky you have your personal sponsors who can bring money to the team and you can take a ride on any official team otherwise it is so difficult. Many riders decide to quit because they can no longer be paid well… and as I said no other normal person would go to work and pay to work! We also have the risk component, we risk our body. I hope they will change the system in the near future to give new young drivers a chance”, Nagl told

The German also stated that the entry fees are quite high to race and with COVID-19 having an impact on the economy that it could be reconsidered and that prize money would be a welcome addition too. 

“Yes, the entry fees are quite high, around 10,000 euros a year for each rider… this is a really big cost. Certainly for the smaller teams it is really difficult. Speaking of the calendar, I think they will change it again, because there are so many overseas races (you can count Russia almost like one overseas race) so in total it’s like eight races… I think only factory teams will go there. There probably won’t be that many riders at the gate and everyone else will be local wild cards… well I think that’s not how a World Championship should be. For smaller teams it will be difficult. Most teams only offer their riders bonuses if you place yourself in the top 3. So there are no cash prizes from the organizer and if you finish P4 (which is a great result in MXGP!) You come home with nothing”, added Nagl. 

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Regarding his future, Nagl will continue racing in 2021 focusing on the ADAC MX Masters and Czech Championships. He’s also recently started coaching, working with Richard Sikyna and Kevin Brumann and the German plans on working with up to five riders for the 2021 season. 

“I want to help other young riders to stop making these mistakes. You have to learn many things, about food, about physiotherapy, about how and when to train, how to do winter preparation etc. That’s why I started helping other riders. Now I have a workshop in Belgium in my second home and there I built a special place for the bikes, the riders and myself. For next year the Yamaha IXS MXGP team, I will work with the MX2 riders”.

“Kevin Brumann is already at my workshop and we are doing winter preparation together. I still don’t know who will be the second rider and I have other riders from the Czech Republic and Germany that I want to help. I take a maximum of 5 riders, because I don’t want to lose quality in what I do. With more riders it would be really difficult to follow them all. In Lommel, at my second home, they have everything they need and I will continue to work to be even better”.

“Speaking of myself, in 2021 I will be back on a Husqvarna (this year I was on a KTM) and I will do the German ADAC championship and the Czech championship. I will be quite busy but it is super motivating to compare myself with my guys, now I am even faster than them on the track but it is nice that I can teach them something new. For my part it is possible that I will stop racing in 2022 or 2023, but for coaching that will continue and will certainly be even bigger and better”, concluded Nagl. 

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