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Luke Burton to once again race the British Championship in 2019

Luke Burton to once again race the British Championship in 2019
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Luke Burton is one rider who has plenty of experience racing the Maxxis British Championship but since 2014 decided to race the AMCA and IMBA Championships instead.

“After a hard season in 2014 getting a bad shoulder injury competing at the maxxis I was given an opportunity to compete at the AMCA in the MX2 class. I’d never done an AMCA meeting at this point so I didn’t know what to expect. I did all the qualifiers to go race at the AMCA British championship so I lined up at the first round with so many new faces on the line and a track I’d never rode on. I had an up and down first day at round one I really underestimated how high the level of racing was. Burton explained.

However, despite underestimating the races at first, he quickly improved and won some titles along the way.

“I got so much better through the season to win the championship in MX2 2015. So, in 2016 I went into the MX1 class and had an awesome season winning so many meetings, I was loving the husky FC450. I won the Superclass at the start of the season and that took me all the way through to the end on the winning the championship to 2016. In 2017 I had an awesome opportunity from Mike to go and do the IMBA European championship as well as the AMCA British championship in MX1. What a season I had, I was riding so good and I was having lots of fun travelling all round Europe doing what I love. I ended up winning the European championship and the British championship after just stepping into the big class MX1”. Burton reflected on his past.

“So, during the winter months mike had asked me to go MX2 in 2018 to contest the IMBA European championship and the AMCA British championship. With his history doing these meetings for many years with other riders he had a thought there was a bit of history on the line here winning the MX1 then the MX2 European championship as that had never been done before. I didn’t really want to go back to the MX2 machine as I love the 450 but I agreed to doing it. We had the Superclass again at the start of 2018 but they had a bit of a miss up wen the bike was put together during the week before with the front brake wasn’t right. It hurt me on the race day as it sent me over the bars on a jump so that put an end to the superclass for me so I rested up unitl I got a 250f to start and prepare for the season ahead”.

Burton explains to is how he had the opportunity to work with Geartec this year.

“When I got back on the bike after my crash I wasn’t feeling it at all, my shoulder was in bits trying to ride and my bike set up was really bad and it was really taking it out of me. This is when Paul from Geartec stepped in to help me out so he offered me the help with some amazing suspenson and this is where I was really struggling at the time. He had no reason to help me at all, we just got on as mates he never even asked me for anything on my top or bike which just goes to show what he’s in it for – the love of it. With the suspension sorted then came the bike electrical problems and it never stopped there I was playing catch up all season. Paul was still helping me with the suspension so going back and forth I could only admire how good Paul and Nick from Geartec were with the bikes, the setup at the work shop is so professional so the season went on and I worked my butt of all the way to the end and I won the IMBA European championship and the AMCA British Championship”.

“It was 100% the best feeling I ever felt and to the end of all the stress I was going through, this is how the opportunity to work with Geartec full-time. Paul respected my determination to push on when it was hard, he offered me a spot on his team and I was buzzing. I didn’t know what to say or who to tell first, I’ve been with the team a few weeks now and I can say I’ve never rode a bike so good or felt so comfortable with any team like I do now. They are all so down to earth at the work shop, they make me feel really welcome and I have to say I look forward to see Paul’s dad,  we have a right laugh when he’s not trying to embarrass me with the food lady”.

For the 2019 season, Burton will be under the Geartec Husqvarna awning along with Elliot Banks-Browne.

“In 2019, I’m going to do the MX1 Maxxis British Championship, the MX Nationals and Bridgestone MX1.  My expectations are to make the team proud of me and my family. If I can do that I’ll be happy with myself”. Burton explained.

Pic: Mike Wood

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