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Local riders on Desertmartin

Local riders on Desertmartin
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The Maxxis British Championship took place at Desertmartin during the weekend and it was a huge success for the local riders who usually do all the travelling oversea’s for a round of the series.

We got the thoughts from the local riders after round five of the series.

Martin Barr: My Crescent Yamaha has been working fantastic, my dad has it working absolutely brilliant. Being the oldest in the class we are still punching it up in there. With the budget we’ve got, we haven’t got the budget them boys have got to spend on their bikes and that. We are doing the best job we can but we will keep working and we know a podium isn’t far away so we will keep doing our thing. Hopefully one will come before the end of the year.

Glenn McCormick: Desertmartin was a big step in the right direction, I found an awful lot out and I’m a lot more comfortable now! Just a bit frustrating having a good race and a bad race but I am looking forward to the second half of the season now and really push on.

Jake Sheridan: Desertmartin went quite well for me, I got 2 great starts and finished 2 solid motos. To finish inside the top 10 in the Maxxis British Championship is a great feeling considering how far off the pace I was at the start of the year. I’m looking forward to finishing the end of season strong.

Stuart Edmonds: I can’t complain with my overall result this weekend as its been my best so far this year but too many mistakes in both motos cost me what could have been a better overall result but these things happen. I just have to focus on the next round and keep working forward towards that goal I set at the start of the year. Big thank you to the team and my sponsors along with the supports there on the day. Also, well done to the club for prepping the track so well like they always put on a great show.

Jason Meara: Desertmartin overall I’d say went good obviously that first race I blew myself away with my riding I was riding so good and mistake free and felt so comfortable running up front. Race 2 was more tricky I got a great start then got shuffled about a bit and really struggled to find a rhythm and that really is what caused my crashed it was an error on my own behalf which I was disappointed about at the time but now I can only be positive about the weekend as a whole and look forward to doing some more rounds before the season ends.

John Meara: Desertmartin for me went good. Qualifying was crap as I fried a clutch early on so had a bad gate position with 19th. I got a bad start in race 1 just inside the top 20 but fought hard all race to get up to p7 in the final corner scoring my best ever finish in the British Championship. Race 2 my start was even worse I was 3 from last and things never really went good I was hitting every bump head on and just couldn’t get a flow. I ended up with a p13. I’m happy with my performance and gave it my all but my qualifying let me down for some better results I feel.

Jordan McCaw: Sunday went well for me, I had set myself a goal of scoring some points and I done that with a 19th and 15th which I am happy with in the first moto, if I didn’t have a first turn crash I felt that I could of been inside the top 15 but that’s Motocross. Big thanks to everyone that helped me over the weekend be nice to get to a few more Maxxis this year.

Luke Smith: Desertmartin was a tough one. I guess the highlight of the day for me was qualifying! Coming away with a 9th in qualifying was a boost for me being my best result to date and having put down 4 separate laps at basically the same lap time showed myself that I do have that pace.
Race 1 I got banged about off the start and was quite far back, so coming from around 20th up to 14th was a decent ride for me.
Race 2 I had a better start and ran around 16th. Made it up to 14th again but unfortunately had to retire from the race.
Overall it was not the day I had hoped for, but a big boost for me in many ways and I gained a lot of knowledge I can take with me for the upcoming races!

James Mackrel: Don’t know where to begin other than I’m in shock to be honest. I went out in quail and didn’t get a clean lap in but my arm was very weak which I knew it would have been with the dislocation. First race got off to a good start and was pushing forwards but the pain go too much and could only come in 17th I think. I was gutted as the season has been going good and if I was injury free I could have done so much more but I suppose if your granny had balls she’d be your Granda. Just a massive thanks to everyone in my corner and we will be back in no time.

Pic: Nigel McKinstry

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