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Lacapelle Marival replaces Valence International

Lacapelle Marival replaces Valence International

Since five years now the Moto Club of Lacapelle Marival (France) organised an International Motocross in February. Until now they didn’t had the best date as it was just the weekend prior Qatar, but now they move to the 12th of February as Valence is not organising anymore a pre season MX.

As the GP season start since a few years end of February, it’s not easy for a club to find a date in the pre season calendar! Moving from the third to the second weekend, the club expect to have more GP riders and teams than in the past on their track home of many French races, one MX3 GP and several International events. “When Valence announced that they stop their international event, we of course take their date as it’s easier for everyone. We know that riders and teams need to do some races before the opening GP, and with this new date we are now two weeks earlier than Qatar and that’s a better position for us,” explained Vincent Ayroles, the vice president of the club.

The club doesn’t just change the date, they also change the format of the event as they will now run separate races for the MX1 and MX2 classes. Each class will do two heats, and the last race of the weekend will be a super finale with the best riders of each class. “We know that the MX2 riders don’t really like to race with the big bikes, so we change our race format. Next year we’ll have separate classes, and the event will be organised on a single day, as many races are now; no action on Saturday so we can also preserve the track as we’ll be early in the season, and practice sessions and races on Sunday 12th,” he continued. The last winners of the International MX are Valentin Teillet (2016), Shaun Simpson (2015) and Clement Desalle (2014).

Lacapelle Marival is located in the southern west of France, 80km south east of Brive and 180km north of Toulouse. More information on the web site and on the facebook page

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