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Lacapelle International: Results

Lacapelle International: Results

In the first MX2 moto of the day it was Pauls Jonass leading but then he crashed that gifted Jeremy Seewer the win. Even though Jonass DNF’d the moto he hasnt picked up an injury which is good news.

In the second moto it was Benoit Paturel that put on a good show in front of his home crowd and won the moto ahead of Jeremy Seewer. Winning the second moto meant that Paturel won the overall on the day. Thomas Kjer Olsen was much improved in the second moto and edged out his team mate, Covington to take third.

MX2 moto one:

  1. Jeremy Seewer
  2. Benoit Paturel
  3. Conrad Mewse
  4. Alvin Ostlund
  5. Hunter Lawrence
  6. Thomas Kjer Olsen
  7. Thomas Covington
  8. Brent Van Doninck
  9. Anthony Boissiere
  10. Thomas Do
  11. Jimmy Cloughet
  12. Arnaud Aubin
  13. Henri Giraud
  14. Jordan Divall
  15. Adrien Malaval

MX2 Moto Two: 

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  1. Benoit Paturel
  2. Jeremy Seewer
  3. Thomas Kjer Olsen
  4. Thomas Covington
  5. Hunter Lawrence
  6. Brent Van Doninck
  7. Anthony Boissiere
  8. Conrad Mewse
  9. Alvin Ostlund
  10. Adrien Malaval
  11. Anthony Bourdon
  12. Thomas Do
  13. Jordan Divall
  14. Zach Pichon
  15. Arnard Aubin

MX2 overall:

  1. Benoit Paturel
  2. Jeremy Seewer
  3. Thomas Kjer Olsen
  4. Conrad Mewse
  5. Thomas Covington

After an average day for Desalle at Hawkstone he took the first MX1 moto win of the day at Lacapelle ahead of his team mate Jordi Tixier. Gautier Paulin rode well as he snatched third from Suzuki duo, Kevin Strijbos and Arminas Jasikonis.

It was Jasikonis who grabbed an impressive victory in the second moto on his Factory Suzuki. He beat the Kawasaki duo of Jordi Tixier and Clement Desalle. Desalle’s first moto win and a third was enough to give him the overall win from Tixier.

MX1 Moto One:

  1. Clement Desalle
  2. Jordi Tixier
  3. Gautier Paulin
  4. Kevin Strijbos
  5. Arminas Jasikonis
  6. Arnaud Tonus
  7. Max Anstie
  8. Shaun Simpson
  9. Max Nagl
  10. Gert Krestinov
  11. Xavier Boog
  12. Maxime Desprey
  13. Nicolas Aubin
  14. Kevin Bonnesset
  15. Yentl Martens

MX1 Moto Two: 

  1. Arminas Jasikonis
  2. Jordi Tixier
  3. Clement Desalle
  4. Kevin Strijbos
  5. Arnaud Tonus
  6. Shaun Simpson
  7. Gautier Paulin
  8. Greg Aranda
  9. Gert Krestinov
  10. Maxime Desprey
  11. Nicolas Aubin
  12. Damon Graulus
  13. Jeremy Delince
  14. Andy Baumgartner
  15. Max Nagl

MX1 overall: 

  1. Clement Desalle
  2. Jordi Tixier
  3. Arminas Jasikonis
  4. Kevin Strijbos
  5. Gautier Paulin

After winning the MX1 class, Desalle ended the day on a high by winning the super-final race from Arminas Jasikonis and Jordi Tixier.

Benoit Paturel was the first MX2 rider across the line in fifth beating his close friend, Arnaud Tonus and Jeremy Seewer was just behind that.


  1. Clement Desalle
  2. Arminas Jasikonis
  3. Jordi Tixier
  4. Kevin Strijbos
  5. Benoit Paturel
  6. Arnaud Tonus
  7. Jeremy Seewer
  8. Shaun Simpson
  9. Thomas Kjer Olsen
  10. Gautier Paulin
  11. Max Nagl
  12. Hunter Lawrence
  13. Brent Van Doninck
  14. Alvin Ostlund
  15. Gert Krestinov
  16. Maxime Desprey
  17. Anthony Boissiere
  18. Greg Aranda
  19. Nicolas Aubin
  20. Conrad Mewse