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KNMV ONK: Results from Marum!

KNMV ONK: Results from Marum!
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After the GP of Europe that took place in Valkenswaard some top EMX riders had a race three days later as a round of the KNMV ONK Dutch Championship took place on Kings day.

In the 125cc class it was Rick Elzinga who won the overall. He didn’t have enough to beat Raivo Dankers in the first moto but he was victorious in moto two to take the overall. Dankers had to settle for second overall on the day. Christopher Mills suffered a big crash at Valkenwaard but was thankfully okay to compete, he ended up third overall going third and second in the moto’s on his ProGrip Yamaha.

Marcel Conijn got his first win of the season on his Gebben Van Venrooy Kawasaki. He just about held off Rene de Jong in the first moto of the day as less than a second and a half separated them at the finish line. Roy van Heugten won the second moto of the day which meant he ended up third overall behind Rene de Jong who just missed out on the overall.

Micha-Boy de Waal who was contesting in the MX2 World Championship for the VAMO Honda outfit at Valkenswaard returned to racing the 450 this weekend and he dominated the event by winning both moto’s to grab the overall. Rick Satink ended up second overall and Michael Hool rounded off the podium in third.

See complete results here:

125cc moto one:

125cc moto two:

125cc overall:

MX2 moto one:

MX2 moto two:

MX2 overall:

MX1 moto one:

MX1 moto two:

MX1 overall:

Pic: Niek Kamper

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