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Ken Roczen’s trainer paralysed after crash

Ken Roczen’s trainer paralysed after crash
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Ken Roczen alluded immediately after the race that it had been a very tough week for his family in the run up to A2, with Ken later revealing that his trainer and brother in law, Blake Savage, crashed on Monday while riding with Ken and has no feeling from his chest down.

It makes it all the more remarkable that Roczen was able to compose himself and fight for the lead and a podium during the triple crown, eventually finishing fourth overall and keeping the championship lead.

Blake Savage, Roczen’s wife’s brother, says he has spinal cord trauma and swelling but that it is an “incomplete spinal cord injury,” giving him a chance of recovery. Blake also said he is getting more feeling back in his fingers but it will, understandably, be a long road to recovery.

We wish Blake the best as he adjusts to his new situation and recovery.

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