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Kawasaki aiming for all electric bikes by 2035!

Kawasaki aiming for all electric bikes by 2035!
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Kawasaki are looking to go electric by 2035, “with all major models” in what could be a huge change for fans and riders in sport and recreation.

Kawasaki have created a new company, Kawasaki Motors Ltd, a specialised company away from Kawasaki Heavy Industies (KHI) that will focus entirely on their motor division with the goal to have quicker decisions made and improve the brand with closer customer relations while achieving “sustainable growth” with a goal of hitting sales of 1 trillen yen by 2030. More information here.

The big question is, are the other major manufacturers also be planning similar timescales to go electric? Motocross could be very different in just over a decade!

Josh Mosiman explains more about Kawasaki’s direction in the video below:

Image: InFront Moto Racing

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