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Kane: Getting closer to the speed of the front!

Kane: Getting closer to the speed of the front!
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We’ve now had three rounds of the WMX series and Natalie Kane continues to improve at each and every round of the series.

The determined Irish rider has the speed for top five finishes but starts are letting her down at the moment and so far that’s the story of her season.

Kane was in eleventh at the start of the first race and quickly worked her way into sixth, she was there at the end of the first lap but the top five had already gone so she couldn’t do better than sixth.

The second moto was a bit more chaotic as she was outside the top twenty on the first lap and then later dropped down to seventeenth after getting caught up with other riders. Kane pushed her Honda MX Sweden machine to get back to an impressive eighth which shows she has the speed.

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Starts are the area for improvement because if she can start in the top five then there’s no reason why she can’t finish there!

Natalie Kane: “In the first moto 1, I had an okay start in eleventh but even though I quickly made the passes by the end of the first official lap to 6th the top 5 had already pulled a gap that I couldn’t get the tow of them so I rode a lonely race really in sixth.

In the second moto, I went to soon on the gate so I missed the drop. I went around the inside coming out mid pack but then a few corners later I got caught behind some riders crashing together so I was 26th on lap one but I made my way quickly to 10/11 positions but as I went to pass another we touched leaving me to go off the track and caught on a steep incline having to roll back down and turn around before eventually getting going again. I lost many positions so I was back in 17th again but I kept pushing and made it back to finish 8th only making the pass going into the final lap.

I ended up seventh overall but I am now sixth in the championship and only a few points of 5th. I really need to work on my starts on the mesh gate because my lap times in both moto’s is good enough to battle for the 3rd-5th positions but if I don’t start right there with them then we are too close on lap times that I can’t catch them if I am starting from around tenth. I am happy with my progress and that I am getting a little closer to the speed of the front every time. I will keep working so I hope I can get two top 5 finishes in Italy at round 4″.

Pic: Youthstream

Article: Andy McKinstry

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