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Josh Spinks offers his thoughts on British Motocross

Josh Spinks offers his thoughts on British Motocross
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There’s no British Motocross Championship this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic but perhaps this is a good opportunity for everyone involved in the series to think about what they can do better for when the series returns in 2021.

Experienced British Championship rider, Josh Spinks has offered his thoughts on how things could be improved in the UK when it comes to Motocross.

Some interesting talks about British motocross / motocross in general I might be wrong and well off the mark but here’s some things I think.
– A main championship is ran by fossils (nothing wrong with fossils just like the word) and needs a modern way of looking at things

– British teams should try to support British riders

– Manufacturers from the very top could potentially offer more knowledge to British teams for bike settings etc and not that I know budgets at the very top but bike sales world wide can’t be too bad £££

– Media / manufacturers giving attention for privateers doing well (not specific to me) although after putting it on a British Championship podium / EMX250 podium I think I got 1 column in a mag and not even a well done from a manufacturer

– Some sort of education about the sport to change its bad perception in the UK, riders going in to schools & doing presentations etc

– Reduce the amount of Championships being ran (getting out of control & creating poor start numbers) this can’t help attract good title sponsors 

Everyone is entitled to an opinion and it’s nice to see riders voice them even if you disagree – at the end of the day everyone should be allowed to offer their thoughts on the matter.

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