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Joel Rizzi tells us about his time in America!

Joel Rizzi tells us about his time in America!
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The talented Brit, Joel Rizzi recently travelled to America and was lucky enough to get some laps in at the Stewart compound. He also contested the mini os event. Rizzi told us all about his time over in America!

The first thing I did out in America was to go to James Stewart compound, I had a lot of fun meeting the Stewart brothers and riding his track.  The jumps were unreal fun and after that we travelled from Haines city to Gainesville were the mini os event was held.

Day One: We had SX practice, I didn’t really know who any of the riders were or anything, it was my first time doing Supercross.

Day Two: We had the SX heats and there were 74 heats in one day which was crazy. In my first heat I was running 9th and was riding real tense but went for a pass on 8th when I clipped him over a jump and I went down with him. That took me to the LCQ but I got through in it, that was in schoolboy 1 class then in 125 class I rode much better and got 5th.

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Day Three: It was time for the main’s. In the schoolboy 1 class I was running 11th from the last gate pick, but I had a big crash in the whoops which ended that race but in the 125 race I was like 8th of the start but dropped back because my bars were loose, then after the mains they went straight to motocross practice, I felt really good in motocross practice.

Due to the heavy rain Thursday was called off.

Day Five: On Friday it was more heat races, I got two 5th place finishes in both my heats which was good.

Day Six: Saturday was the main event in the 125 class, I got a bad start then rode rubbish and got 14th but then in the schoolboy class I got 3rd out of the gate before Masterpool got by me. I was running 4th before having a huge crash on a high speed section.

I had a lot of fun all week, the aggression of the riders out there is mad and the intensity is crazy. It’s a lot different at the mini os, the races are sprints so they are like 4 lap’s long and riding a bike that was not mine was a challenge. But one thing I will do is that I’ll definitely be going out there again, it’s amazing!

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